Bobby Returns
Studio: g318
Review Count: 10
Average Rating: 3.8 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 6 minutes 44 seconds
Posted on: September 1, 2006
Film Description
In "Bobby Returns" (The third installment of the Bobby series) Bobby's rival, Kevin comes back to try and kill him, but in a hilarious sequence of events Bobby beats Kevin at his own game. And yes we drew the 2 Fat Guys Title Screen Picture

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2 Fat Guys Productions
- Person226

dude that was horrible

Posted on August 24, 2007
- thebiz

The voiceovers were a bit sketchy and the movie was a bit long for what it was but theres some entertainment value to be pulled out of this. A bit zany, a bit tedious, a bit charming. Nice intro credit picture.

Posted on August 24, 2007

that sucked and the voiceover is terrible
watch rtfms stuff to give u decent inspiration

Posted on July 8, 2007
- Matthew-Robert-Alfrey

No comment

Posted on March 29, 2007
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie..
Very funny...
Good work..

Film on!!!

Posted on March 6, 2007
- Teshik

so far best movie in the series. Itb was stupid and stupider.

Posted on January 15, 2007
- Rik_Vargard

Heheh Weird odd funny movie. Nice job on the editing! :)

Posted on December 13, 2006
- Groove44

pretty good effort for a nonsense type movie. Only thing I can really say that you need to watch is the volume of your voice overs as some places its too soft and you can hardly work out whats said and then others its far too loud. Anyway you put a lot of effort into it. (This movie was reviewed by using the random movie button)

Posted on December 11, 2006
- donbbob1

I took one look at the title and for some reason I knew i was going to like this movie. It was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot.

Posted on September 2, 2006
- Silly-Monkey-Studios

I Like The Beginning Credits, Did YOu Draw That? I Just Want To Ask You.....What Was The Whole Deal With The Clown?!?

Posted on September 1, 2006