Affiliated assassin - Trailer
Studio: Grope2
Review Count: 22
Average Rating: 4.59 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 1 minutes 9 seconds
Posted on: August 23, 2006
Film Description
This is the trailer for my up and coming series - affiliated assassin.
I have taken the advice from my previous trailers and implemented it into this one.
Thanks in advance.
- moviemaker1000

I didnt get the plot at all. Say what!

Posted on February 10, 2007
- 04_perez_a

Simply loved it, well done! Keep it up!

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Thank you

Posted on January 14, 2007
- the_richman

good trailer, I hope I can see the full movie very soon...

Posted on September 3, 2006
- Cruise1970

Looks to be an interesting movie. Only complaint shouldn't have people walk through camera....

Posted on September 2, 2006
- Rik_Vargard

Veeeery nice trailer! The movie should be great. Nice use of the camera, but I'd avoid shots where it goes through people or things. It's a little frustrating to have to count with it, but I would choose for that.
Anyway, just my 2 VC! Hope to see the movie soon! :)

Posted on September 1, 2006
- jhurst

You've shown good continuity between scenes, but it felt more like an excerpt than a trailer. It does look promising though. Looking forward to the first episode. :)

Posted on August 31, 2006
- Adehrbrt

WOW, really cool camera angles and i liked the look of the characters. It set the mood pretty well :-)

Posted on August 29, 2006
- PearsonHouse

Pretty good trailer, looking forwards to the full version.

Posted on August 29, 2006
- sidy

nice trailer. good using free cam. and its very nice poster! keep up the good work

Posted on August 26, 2006
- DeliriousStudios

Great Trailer. Looks promising. I'll be looking out for it.

Posted on August 26, 2006
- giladon10

nice trailer i want to see the movie
it needs more story
good music

Posted on August 25, 2006
- devilslovechild

Great Trailer can't wait until the movie comes out.

Posted on August 25, 2006
- Meosha12

Great trailer
Can't wait to see it!
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Posted on August 25, 2006
- BalckDeath

good trailer.

Posted on August 24, 2006

Very good trailer

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Posted on August 24, 2006
- Vally

Nice trailer! :)

Posted on August 24, 2006
- HollywoodcenterFilms

very nice trailer

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Posted on August 23, 2006
- damoobies

cool tralier.

Posted on August 23, 2006
- swordfish66601

Cool Trailer, Looking Forward To The First Movie, Good Luck With It.

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Posted on August 23, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Good trailer..
I will watch the movie..

Film on!!!

Posted on August 23, 2006
- reapar

good ending where he fires.will he miss or get the guy in a coat????
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Posted on August 23, 2006
- b3nhur

Some excellent camera movement!

Advice: Use some subtitles to let us know a few things about what we'll see in "Affiliated Assassin" (remember to capitalize "assassin" when you put out the final film).

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Posted on August 23, 2006