Meet John
Studio: chicken410
Review Count: 13
Average Rating: 4.92 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Posted on: August 8, 2006
Film Description
Rated R for content
- jangofreak4

I think it was good for the most part but you could have put in more randomness
for example have the guy who is not john get like beat up by a gorilla but it was pretty funny

Posted on December 21, 2006
- Pikmin

Hi, this was really enjoyable, I liked it! The voiceover was great! Nice Job!
The best scene was with the banana when you put the scenes so, that it looks he falls from the roof into the garbage container! Really nice job! 5 stars!

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Posted on August 12, 2006

I imagine that you put together the scenes and started narrorating, and for the most part it was funny, not sure what kind of comedy it is, but it's funny, I like the way "SKEETER" was said, and how the narrarotr seemed to question what he was doing all the time, very funny, "Poor Skeeter" although what he said at the end was a little to quick, and I missed it.

Posted on August 11, 2006
- peterl11

very good

Posted on August 10, 2006
- thejoe8pizza

great movie

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Posted on August 9, 2006
- Sebastian_Hoff

Nice Movie 5*s

Posted on August 9, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie..
Good Vo´s..

Film on!!!

Posted on August 9, 2006
- Damien7

Your script wasa asome dude film on.and it was funny.

Posted on August 9, 2006
- NoeWhan

That was cool! I loved the banana slip, into bin, that was a classic.

Well done!

Posted on August 8, 2006
- bleedblack

hahahaha very funny movie! Great voice work. Skeeter sucks, GO JOHN!

Posted on August 8, 2006
- seanee

top movie keep up the good work

Posted on August 8, 2006
- CorpsehereProductions

funny movie great vo's the story was good and the plot was funny. it was put together well so keep up the good work.

Posted on August 8, 2006

Gotta skeeter on my peter knock it off!

Posted on August 8, 2006