The Light in the Dust - Part 2
Review Count: 115
Average Rating: 4.98 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 19 minutes 34 seconds
Posted on: July 21, 2006
Film Description
Part II: Non Omnis Moriar ("I Shall Not All Die")

The nightmare continues...








A film by Kate Lee, Sherwin Liu & Lizard


At the grave of his deceased wife, Jonathan Chase (Jon) grieves his loss. Since her death a year ago he has been suffering from severe depression, and he now has no will to live. Suddenly he hears a strange voice speak to him: "I shall gladly take that which is not appreciated." There is nobody around but a homeless person sleeping there, and a stranger who seems eager to chat with him.

In the middle of their conversation, they see a storm gathering fast around them. Before they realize, they find themselves in the middle of a strange supernatural phenomenon. Jon loses his consciousness.

When he wakes up he feels strange and confused. He falls down and sees his own reflection in a water puddle. To his surprise his face is that of the man he was talking to just before.

Jon learns to live inside this new body???that of Bill Morris, but starts to feel his new body influencing and disturbing his mind.

On Bill???s calendar Jon finds an "appointment" with a certain Patty Lowell, and decides to go and learn more about Bill. As he arrives at Patty's home and peeps at her from outside, his body begins to overwhelm his mind with sadistic and murderous thoughts. He runs back to his car to recover from these newfound feelings. There he finds an envelope addressed to Bill Morris but with a strange address. At this address he finds a shack, in which he makes a gruesome discovery in the basement: Bill Morris is the serial killer that the police have been looking for.


We now find the unsuspecting Jon still in Bill's body, and seeking answers for his unusual circumstances, while he becomes the focus of somebody eerily familiar, lurking around the corner. Meanwhile another terrible crime implicates him even further as the police locks onto him as their main suspect.

*** CREDITS ***

The motif of the story was conceived by Lizard, inspired by Anne Rice's "The Tale of the Body Thief," and the TV series "Quantum Leap."

- Directed by Kate Lee
- Written by Kate Lee, Lizard, & Sherwin Liu
- Complete original soundtrack composed by Sherwin Liu

- Lizard as Bill Morris and Jonathan Chase
- Lucindamc123 as Abigail O'Connor
- Yeagmaster as The Homeless Man
- AnotherNewDawn as Gary Kaminsky
- BenStudios1991 as Steve Nady
- Voodoo as Amanda Kaminsky
- Rposhard as The Neighbor
- Myshinator as The TV reporter
- Maniacc as DarkCrystal
- Meglomovies as Dk75

Custom resources:
- Abigail's room set, stone living room set, TV news overlay, DP/LITD title animations by Lizard
- WInkie's cafe, Abigail's elevator/hallway, and color filters by Sherwin Liu & Kate Lee
- Blood splatter overlay, bloody shirt, body transfer and credits animation by Sherwin Liu
- Black & white living room set and cathedral library set from
- Blood puddle prop, plasma TV by 6headedmonster ( )
- Sound effects from Sounddogs.


-HOTPICKed on July 31, 2006
-Top 7th on the charts, 3rd Horror
-Moviewood E! Star Movie Excellence Award
-4 GAGAs: Best Horror, Best Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Original Song
-2 GAGAs Runner-ups: Best Actor, Best Screenplay
-A LEGEND50 Must See Film, Five Star Golden Performance [WP]
-Best Rotten Tomatoes Score: 98% [WP]
-Golden Badger Award (1st ever awarded!!) [NuggetDie]
-The Utter-Excellence-Award (1st ever awarded!!) [Kwistufa]
-Tigereyes Pawprint
-GreenGlades Diamonds in the Rough
-All Caps WOW ME [Maniacc0]
-Honorary MK Recommendation [MurpheyKid]
-Krimmy Horror Approved, Video Must See Entertainment [Makrim83]
-5 star golden performance, Final 50 Must-See [WCP]
-Thumbs up! [Duxy]
-Flaming Hot/02Parsim Approved
-Lukok Awards: Best Movie, Best Custom Stuff, Best Plot
-2nd place in Amabeginzordawg's competition
-Winner of the Swat Review Award!
-Lie to watch movies award [HandsofModder]

- trewill7


A perfectly written and overall seamlessly crafted film. It's needless to say that all things that make memorable films are present in this cinematic voyage through depression, insanity, and most importantly, body jumping.

I would like to save my FULL review for when the trilogy comes to an end.

I can't wait.


Posted on August 15, 2007
- norriefpb

I watched it before reading your credits. Definite Anne Rice feel to it - no bad thing. Another beautifully written, crafted and performed piece. Nothing else to say.

Posted on April 19, 2007
- siclops

I loved this one too "Good bye Bill say hi to the devil for me" was a perfect line to finish the movie!!

Posted on December 4, 2006
- otnemem20

I was initially very impressed with the dream sequence, but the remainder of the movie failed to top it. Maybe you shouldn't put the best sequence at the beginning. I believe the best movies should have at least 3 great scenes/moments/sequences and this only had one. Still a quality film, but far from perfect.

Posted on December 4, 2006
- Davidwww

The most amazing movie, just brilliant.

Posted on November 15, 2006
- cruleworld

Wow Great Movies

Posted on October 26, 2006
- DoubleMPee

Excellent mystery-thriller!!! Very good done! Excellent cam edit! Excellent VO`s! Great music and costums. And a majestic story!!!!!! Keep it up!!

Posted on October 26, 2006
- PearsonHouse

Top notch editing and camerawork. The overlays were excellent too. The blood splats ones looked terrific. Good story. I really liked the VO's, they sounded convincing. You did an excellent job!

Posted on October 26, 2006
- smithovich

A great story you have here, VOs were nicely done, music fitted well, I really liked the sets and overlays alot, a long movie but you kept it flowing, well done keep up the good work

Posted on October 25, 2006
- VernoFilms

Great camera work and of course great story. By the way Darthdiretor said you can help me with this...

Posted on October 3, 2006
- Meosha12


Posted on September 24, 2006
- theVillain

Fantastic installment to this series, this is one of those TMO films that truly deserve the attention it gets. I don't think there's much I can say that hasn't been said already, so I'll cut this short. Everything from the atmosphere and camera work to the v/o's were perfect. 5 stars!

Posted on August 22, 2006
- JouJMister22


Posted on August 21, 2006

I've been reviewing movies for a long time, and I'm a kinda light-hearted viewer; if I enjoy a movie and didn''t find any serious flaws, I gladly give it 5 stars. I usually don't mind using this method. But now I do.. because I can ONLY give this movie 5 stars, too, like I did with hundreds of others, though I'd like some way to express that this masterpiece is so unique, so ingenious, so... DIFFERENT... that everyone on TMO should watch it.
Ok, I try to remain objective. Let's advance in order...
THE STORY is even better than the first part. I was totally captivated from the first minute to the last, and remained transfixed through the whole 20 minutes. The beginning nightmare sequence succesfully sets the gloomy mood. The constant switches between the investigator's and the protagonist's perspective lend a constant feel of urgency and tension to the movie which makes this script even more effective than the - also ingenious - first part. (There's only one scene which I felt a little dragged and unnecessary: the conversation between the detective and the girl. I have a hunch, however, that it's just a careful preparation for the third part...) There were two scenes (Abigail-Jon conversation; the confrontation in the car) that were so tenseful that I barely dared to draw breath during watching them. :)
The story is not only exciting, but very original and creative, as well. A little reminded me of Denzel Washington's FALLEN, but much better. In fact, perhaps it's the most original horror/thriller idea I've seen here since 02PARSIM's "Surviving Death" trilogy.
THE DIRECTING is flawless from the beginning to the end. It's already evident in the very first nightmare sequence, and it doesn't get worse till the last scene. Devious freecam use, painstakingly careful editing (I cannot even imagine how much work you put into this...), perfect soundtrack (I could write another paragraph just about the music), great VOs....
I really can't say anything bad about this movie. Perhaps, with some hard work, I could start nitpicking (why Morris didn't take the gun and shoot himself in the car etc.), but I don't have the heart for it.
Let's just say that "Light in the Dust - Part II." is not just the best Sherwinliu/Kate Lee movie so far, but also one of the best TMO movies ever created. Obligatory for everyone.

Posted on August 14, 2006
- iwtfl

Amazing! it was a little long and so parts were hard to follow, but overall a great movie!

Posted on August 12, 2006
- Babar23

I loved episode one, I love this one too, that's just magnificent and powerfull!Bravo, I am sincerely impressed

Posted on August 10, 2006
- Mustachio26

Even without seeing the first one, exceptional! A work of art. Towards the end , those scenes in the car were great. Everything was in a class of its own. I only had one problem: the VO for Bill sounded a little funny to me. Besides that awesome!

(Golden Mustache: Yes)

Posted on August 9, 2006
- Handsofmodder

This was one of the best supernatural flicks I ever seen. Custom music,props, the works!

Posted on August 9, 2006
- Michael_B6

UGH! I wrote this long review and it didn't go through! I was meaning to review both parts in this one. I found a computer and sat down for 30mins watching both of these together.

Wow! Story was crazy! I wished they were both together, I don't think the first part could have stood by itself without the rest of the second to explain it. Or maybe I'm not that perceptive... Editing was spot on. Use of props, like actions inside the car was really cool. VO's were great. The story itself to me seemed like something from those old 1940's radio shows (or maybe that's just me). Camera work was really good in the first part in the graveyard. But the rest had alot of good parts, but it just kinda lacked for me (or it's is probably me again: I'm alittle narrow minded when it comes to camera work).

Overall AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on August 8, 2006
- Amabeginzordawg

Competition Review:

What a great movie! That was by far one of the most intriguing and interesting story lines I have come across on TMO. Great use of SPFX and absolutely dazzling use of music! The VO's were downright magnificent! I think you have created something very original. Only problem was that it got a little slow in the middle talking to the woman, even though I know this was necessary to answer some questions. WOW. This was great! You are definitely in the TOP 3 somewhere at the moment. TERRIFIC.

Overall: An intriguing and enthralling story backed up by compelling music use, camera work and incredible VO's. Downright Outstanding.

Posted on August 8, 2006
- docontheweb

This movie is just about perfect in every way! The story was well written. It had a very suspenseful and surreal feel about it. I really enjoyed the diner scene when they were using all the classic movie lines. As a film buff that was a fun scene to watch. The characters were amazingly developed as well. I really got a feel for them. An all star voice acting team really brings the characters to life, and the very haunting music is just the right touch to make this movie special. Also the effects and direction were completely flawless. This movie just what the doctor ordered! It's that good!

Posted on August 8, 2006
- dangersnake

that was really really really good. i like it better than the first one. and i don't get the end of part two. you can just like watch some of my movies and tell me bout it. plz tell me wen third one comes out. thank you bye!!!

Posted on August 6, 2006
- claw21

great film, well done decadentpictures
this film stands second to no one.

Posted on August 4, 2006
- Fozz20

What can I say about that? First off, it is one of the best films on TMO that I have seen. The story was excellent and I understood it perfectly even though I didn't see the first film. The VO's were very well done and the editing was the best I've seen.
Well done man, and I'll be looking out for the next one.

Posted on August 4, 2006
- Primaer

Excuse me, but I am a fan of your

This was just an outstanding movie. Such a high niveau, such a thrilling feeling during the whole movie.

Kate Lee is such a gifted Director. The use of free cam was awesome, it was never false...not too false, no stupid flip during the conversations. The use of set deceration was great too. The room of this crazy lady, very good. That is how it should be.
VOs and Music were top notch such as always. I mean, we are talking about Lizard. Lizard! Chapeau again to Sherwin Liu for this outstanding work of music. It was just right.

The plot is genius, thrilling, breathtaking, surprising and just awesome. I can't say much about it. I didn't think that Part 2 could be better than Part 1, but is. God, I want to know what happens next!

Overall: O U T S T A N D I N G

Posted on August 4, 2006
- Wolflin

jus amazing. furious arts review, sorry about being late in reviewing this.

i found that remarkable where the sprits switch bodys how he wants answers you put this together so well it deserves the 5 stars, the music was amazing, how at the end the shotting goes on and he shots the cop then BAM the cop is him this was an exelent piece of work you done here

welldone to decadentpictures for the release on the on TMO and well done to all the Voice overs

white wolf+ wolflin

Posted on August 4, 2006
- Filipemarques

i thought it would be over in part 2 when he goes to the body of the cop.
i will wayt for the 3rd part.

Posted on August 4, 2006
- sweatyshoulder

This movie is genius. Just the whole idea is something you'd never even see on TV. This was by far one of the most original films on this site, and I commend you for doing such a beautiful job. Everything was perfect. There was no in-game music and everything just seemed to be made custom using freecam. You're an expert with freecam by the way. great job. 5/5 from me.
Let's just see how this movie stands up to the other contestants in The Sweat Awards.

Posted on August 2, 2006
- rjb2112

If you want to see a real movie, this is it.

Everything was perfect.

Posted on August 2, 2006
- KirinRiotCrash

**** Swift Phoenix Review ****

This is pretty much what I said on The Phoenix Review Corner last Saturday so here it goes:

Brilliant movie! There are so many things that are great in this film.
I mean, you'd have to admit, Kate Lee is a marvelous director. This is a woman that really knows her stuff! The camera angles are very strategic. And the pans aren't distracting. The voice acting is marvelous!

I also like the use of overlays for the opening sequence and the ending credits. Quite nice stuff.

I can't wait to see what Light in the Dust 3 will bring!

Favourite parts: I have to love the ending, really unpredictable. I also have to dig the music.

Come to think of it, I have a lot of favourite parts in this flick. There are just too many to count.

5 Stars. Thumbs Way Up

Posted on August 1, 2006
- Gal940

I have no words in my mouth this movie has the best plot and the best voice and music and editing EVER!! i dont know how are you doing this but you doing it great if could i was giving you 1000 Stars and an oscar!!!!!!! please rate my latest movies so check out my user!! pls!! pls!! pls!!

Posted on August 1, 2006

For a 19 minute movie I barely felt it drag, like I barely felt that this was boring, or to long. It may be just the right time to get across what you were trying to get across. The script for this was just wonderful, the dialogue, the story, it all worked together well. Just on every level this was a fine movie, it hit all the right cords, dynamite editing, the camera angles for the murder scene were delicious. The music gave it that classic vibe, more than anything.

Posted on July 31, 2006
- MelonTheCreeker

wow! that was awesome! awesome editing, awesome VO's and awesome camera angles, not to mention the awesome story! although i thought 19 minutes was a bit too long, it didnt take away the enjoyment this movie had. Top effort!

Posted on July 31, 2006
- Gabriel_James

Bravo Bravo what a gloriouse film. You have out did your self on this one. I was compleatly taken in by this movie. Every sence fit so perfectally and the story just flows from you like i have never seen before. I have been amazed at the level of a lot of film makers here and you have just jumped ahead of all of them. You captured me in a way. I was rooting at the end for the main character to win and Ill say that I am not dissappointed in the out come. From the very beginning of the film. I was compleatly hooked. Now one point I do have to make is that some of the VO work could have been improved or maybe it was intended to sound that way. But the old man in the beginning of the film when he was being interviewed sound like he was talking from a can. I noticed this but it in no way took away from the film as a whole. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one.

Posted on July 31, 2006
- nasum84

good storyline, good va, a really good movie overall

Posted on July 31, 2006
- sidy

perfect! good storyline, voices, musics, customize scene.
its greatest suspence drama. i enjoyed : )

thanks for bookmarking my movie "NOROI" but that removed.
title and some music change. re'uploaded. title is "ON".

Posted on July 31, 2006
- Gamezilla

This is one of my favorite Horror series of movies on TMO and with this new release, it's very apparent why. What happens when you put a great storyline together with some great voice acting and video editing? Well, you get a fantastic movie! I loved the first "The Light in the Dust" movie and I loved this one even more! I cannot wait for the next chapter in this fantastic series of movies!

Posted on July 30, 2006
- edlup56

You have no Idea how thrilled I am that I did not join the site earlier
I think I would have died waiting for this to come out after seeing part one
Oh Man but now I have to wait for part 3 damn
So how do you improve from perfection which the first movie was
I really don�??t know
but you found a way didn�??t you I know this was a team effort and all team members should be congratulated.
I love how you placed a part of the detectives life in the movie in the dinner scene
at first I kind of thought what does this have to do with the rest of the movie
maybe character development I just didn�??t know. Then I see the end and it all comes together I actually applauded this movie I stood up and gave you a standing ovation

I am sorry this is not a real review I don�??t have the talent to break down each detail and
Dissect it for quality purposes I can only say how I felt about it

So now like a tortured soul I have wait for part 3 Please!!!!! If you don�??t mind can you PM me when its out

Posted on July 30, 2006
- skarsten

Um... wow?

Yea. Wow's good. I'll go with wow.

Posted on July 30, 2006
- yeagmaster

I am frickin speechless!!

Movie of the year!!!!!!

Posted on July 30, 2006
- JohnOkinawa

The Dialogue, the music, the editing, the voice overs, perfect. The story was amazing and original. I sympathized with Jon and at the same time I thought, it's hard to execute that. An evil man, but at the same time trying to excape it. This is the reason why I watch movies. This has got to be one of my favorite movies on TMO.

Posted on July 29, 2006

Critics Center Review

OPENING: Of course I remember seeing part 1 when it came out, at the time it was possibly one of the very best movie on TMO. Of course due to the huge amounts of Stunts and Effects movies that have been released the technical brilliance of the original has somewhat dulled. But what does still shine through the superb plot, the brillian characters and strange sense of mystery that comes complete with this movie. So then, as I came to part 2 and after reading the quick part 1 coverage I pressed play, curious to see whether this could at least be half as good at the original movie. Well no, twenty minutes laters I have finally come to the overall decision that part 2 is the better movie, however this is not to say it is hugelly better, part 1 was such a brilliant movie at the time that this movie can only be marginally better, don't take this as an insult because it had a lot to do just to be half as good. So then, why is this movie better than the original? Well for starters this is technically brilliant, with the introduction of free-cam the movie just looks and feels twice as good as the original movie. Secondly the ending is some of the best scenes I have seen on TMO, the ending just had my pinned to my chair and absolutely gripped. The plot picks off very nicely where the original left off, but it first gives a tremendous nightmare sequence that looks wonderful when you see it. Are there any aspects that your movie faultered in at all? Well, I have only one teeny, tiny moan for this movie and probably it is just because I am deaf at the best of times and struggle to hear anything at all. I will explain myself when I get to the section I am on about.

PLOT: Okay plotwise this was once again absolutely amazing. The plot for the first movie was strangely mysterious and interesting. The main character was always interesting and you always wanted to know where the plot was going. By the end of that movie the plot had moved into another league and had me anxiously waiting for the sequel to come out. Well for my review of the plot I really, really don't want to give away any spoilers accidentally, apologies for not being particularly specific about plot points but this worked so much better if you come to the movie knowing as little as possible. The plot here is simply brilliant, every twist and turn delivered with a certain twinkle that made the movie all the more entertaining. Admiteddly I was pretty unsure where the plot was going when it hit the middle section and I wondered whether you could at all make the ending work well. However, then you delivered a huge punch in the plot that lead onto the absolutely phenomenal finale that had me pinned back. The ending is simply amazing, it worked wonders and I think you delivered one of the best endings I have seen on TMO for ages. Once again with this plot you never stopped from making the atmosphere really mysterious. The opening nightmare sequence with the girl was strange, mysterious but worked for the plot. Of course I was slightly confused when I first saw the scene, but as it is tied in with the plot it made me smile, I adore it when a movie can link everything together so neatly and tightly. All of this goes without me even mentioning how superb the characaters were once again.

EDITING: The editing in the original movie was simply wonderful when I first saw it, I remember being quite jealous at how you managed to make the movie look and feel so great while I was still fiddling with simple things like prop placements. Now as I return to the series once again I realise how much of an abled moviemaker you really are. The editing here was once again absolutely brilliant, made all the more brilliant by the fact that you now have stunts and effects and can now do all kinds of things within the games limitations. For starters the free cam shots that I saw were simply immense. The free cam shots were superb because every time they ran smoothly and you always tried to do something inventive. There is one scene at the ending that just looked beautiful, won't give it away but it was a trully superb free cam shot that displayed your talents. I also liked the way added extra little touches without ever overdoing it, the mods that you used were great, the movie ran smoothly and was never too long. Sure this is a nineteen minute movie and I suppose there were times it did feel like a nineteen minute movie, but I never had the urge at all to turn the movie off.

MUSIC: All of the music that I heard in this film were custom tracks. And to be honest each and ever custom track that I heard was simply wonderful. Each track was never overused or underused, each tracks its own time to breathe. You kept it on while it needed to be on, just before it hinted at becoming dull you quickly replaced it with another track and started from scratch. But what I enjoyed most in the music of this movie, was the simple fact that it was never way too in our face. The tracks were always sublte, never overdoing it or trying way too hard to distract the audience from the actual movie. Here the music was used to benefit the movie, it was used to raise tension, it was used to make an atmosphere. It takes a talented moviemaker to make the music work in this way.

DIALOGUE: Okay I mentioned earlier on in my review that I found one fault, well unfortunately I am under the belief that it fell under the dialogue. Do not fear though, the dialogue itself was perfecly fine. No, my only moan about the movie was just that every so often, and by that I mean very rarely, there was just one line that I couldn't hear as clearly as I would have liked. Yes I am being extremely picky here and were it in any other movie I suppose I would most probably have ignored this fact, but unfortunately I did pick up on it and it did frustrate me every so often. Apart from that the dialogue was simply wonderful. Each piece of dialogue was used for character development or to push the story forward. There wasn't any wasting around, the dialogue was just straight to the point or used for another purpose. I like that in a movie, sure extra dialogue is okay, but many moviemakers just frustrate me when theri characters have a conversation that is irrelevent to the movie. Here you kept straight to the plot. The VO's themselves were brilliant apart from my teeny tiny moan I have mentioned above.

OVERALL: Overall this is a brilliant sequel to what was already a brilliant original movie. Here the movie just moves up into second gear and it benefits from additions from stunts and effects. Technically the movie looked and sounded simply wonderful, the plot was absolutely fantastic and had me gripped, the characters were well rounded and were wonderful. Overall this movie is a five star movie and absolutely proud of it. My one minor point there just takes it away from being a 100% movie, but this earns 98% with the slightest of ease. Extreme well done!

FINAL WORDS: Just a superb movie, I am speechless!


Posted on July 29, 2006
- StevenKreg

Great watch! Glad I finally got around to checking it out.

Posted on July 29, 2006
- slipknotrope

. good intro

. i got kind of loss in a couple of scenes

. a cool and creppy movie

. good sfx

. this gives you goosebumps

. a good ghastly movie

. good job :)

Posted on July 28, 2006
- WorldPictures

From Mission: Reviewing Team
Hosts Jeremiah and Dr. Googlestien
With WCP, 02Parsim, Kane23, Briggsboy, GearofWar512, & Josh
Toronto Sun Members
Studio Attendance: 77 people watching this movie
A Critic's Center Review

Opening Statement:
The Light In The Dust series is the best on TMO and there's no doubt about that. The 2nd part was even better than the first. Decadent Pictures have really outdone themselves with this one. Lizard, Kate Lee, and Sherwinliu filmmaking skills get better and better. We've got to say that this is a great psychological thriller that everyone should watch. The story is very intriguing and mysterious. It has all of the conclusions and twist that a viewer will appreciate. Decadent Picture movies always have the best quality with some excellent mod work and great camera skills. This is the first TMO film where the end setup was very theatrical and real and we seen a zoom out shot at the end. Lizard has one of the great voices on TMO right now.

Genre Feeling:
This is the type of movie that can be in so many genres because it fits alot of them, except comedy of course. This movie was as serious and real as it gets. It's definentely psychological on any side of the table. It fits as a thriller, horror, drama, romantic, and action film. I think fans of those genres will truly enjoy it. It fits right into anything psychological because of all the echos and flashbacks. Very deep movie and it goes all the way back to Sherwinliu's first project Deja Vu. Very great movie!

Requirements Department:
Decadent Pictures you guys pretty much surpassed all of the requirements. Like the creativity factor with custom backdrops, custom titles done with custom backdrops, very grand great work on the overlays some of the best we've seen on TMO so far, freecam and it's prescence in this movie was grand and very well done, custom music flowed so well in this movie great selection guys, mod work was great, and overall outside editing also seperates itself from other films and this one was worked on very hard. The VO crew was top notch some great actors including Kate Lee and Lizard who are phonomenal. The overall direction in this has you on the edge of your feet at all times and that's an achievement to the great storyline making from you guys with great plots. The dialogue was some of the best we've ever heard. Overall the movie was a high quality experience and it should be reviewed and viewed by all. An A+ in this area.

Bad News Statement:
Absolutely no flaws at all in this movie. We'll like to help you out in area that needed some improvements. One of our favorite scenes besides the ending was the guy in the car. There should've been alot more action going on between the two maybe make him a wise guy to jazz it up a bit. Other than we had no problems with this film and it was a great movie going experience. Excellent work by Decadent Pictures especially when reviewers can barely figure out what's wrong with it.

Studio's Direction:
This movie has some fresh ideas and it's got a future down the line for alot of parts like a telenova. Decadent Pictures one of the things you guys do different is you keep it driven and you work your imagination into it. When you think deep it'll come out deep. You guys have made the best quality flick on TMO because of great character and precision of thought. Make sure you always make great conflicting scripts and hold it together on the screen. We see great things in this collaboration and it's only going to get better.

Studio Rank:

Useful Message from CC:
At Critic's Center we make sure the studio takes something out of our review and use it towards future projects. We don't just say a few words and leave you with nothing. We give you reality and it always has helped our filmmakers in the past. The mission is reviewing.

We can't wait to see the next couple of parts in this amazing series. Keep bringing them guys. Part 3 should be another classic as you guys continue to grow and evaluate!

After seeing this we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. You're going to be a great filmmaker so keep it up. Best music we've seen so far by the way.

A LEGEND50 Must See Film
Five Star Golden Performance
An achievement everyone wants from Critic's Center

Rotten Tomatoes:
Fresh with 98% out of 100% (best rating)

Coming October 5, 2006!

Posted on July 28, 2006
- JazzX

Original music - hooray!
Good plot - hooray!
Good acting - hooray!
Good sound quality - hooray!
Good cinematography - hooray!
Good special effects - hooray!
Good direction - hooray!

Good everything - hooray!

That adds up to great!

I had the added benefit of watching this (as suggested) in a double bill with Part I. For such a long film, there is always something to watch and admire. A very good film indeed.

The music was very well written - although the midi strings had too hard an attack in trying to simulate a bowed string instrument. Apart from that, a terrific production from all concerned.

Posted on July 28, 2006

This series just gets better with eachnew installment -- and I'm not alone in feeling that. The entire MSMEP Review Team agrees with me on this one. The complexity of plot that you are displaying here is nothing short of amazing, your VAs continue to turn in strong performances, and the music selections combine with the eeriness of your settings to immerse the viewer into this phantasm of a tale that rings with a certain reality. You may not be making the perfect film here, but you have come extremely close. It is with that in mind that I am pleased to announce that you have received the singular honor of being our first two-time winner of our Moviwood-E! Star Movie Excellence Plaque. Your film has been nominated for a hot pick with our highest possible recommendation. Congratulations from all of us here at Moviewood-E! Magazine.

Posted on July 27, 2006
- kooka67

astonishing! truly by this movie you are a master story teller! it was an amazing film, better then my words can describe, everything was amazing: the views,angles and especially the chatroom, truly this movie has blown me away! and if this movie dosent make the TMOscars nothing can!

Posted on July 26, 2006
- duxy

Fond from the excellent talents of decadent pictures, The Light in the Dust continues to grow on me with superb cinematography and narration depicted. Sincerely I find it hard to believe that a movie which manipulates the audience so effectively and intrigues the story line to be so immaculate, amazes me on all levels of satisfaction. A benchmark to what thrillers is all about! And the expansion really does add to the creativeness of the director to really use the camera so authentic. You have seriously taken movies to the next level with a performance as good as this.

Voices were very consistent also, and some fantastic performances from a couple individuals. Character development portrayed extremely well, and music only added to the ominous atmosphere to make the audience feel the suspense.. And some outstanding effects used with the aid of custom content used superbly. But it was how you conveyed the story to be the main focal point. Appealing at the least, and really got the audience involved with flashbacks and spectacular turning points expressed. Incredibly good film none-the-less.

An instant classic, that�??s all there is to it.

Thumbs up!

Posted on July 26, 2006
- VandrendeOrn

brliiant movie. the opening were really great and the best scene in the movie. great use of freecam and a very original story

Posted on July 26, 2006

The story drives everything else and that is what a movie should do. Very strong opening sequence, most impressive. Excellent dialogue deliverd by some of the best voices around. The atmosphere of the setting and the ordeal of the main character pull you in to never let you go again. Two sequences I enjoyed very much: the conversation with Abigail and the diner scene, each time just two people talking but very powerfull.
The use of freecam and overlays was modest, to the point and barely noticebale, as it should be and some great effects, like the spirit changing bodies. Storywise, what can I say, captivating, unsettling, suspenseful with an overwhelming feeling of doom and a well conceived climatic ending sequence.
On the downside, I found the music in some parts monotone and distracting, but I count that as a technicality, because if you have the score played by a full orchestra instead of a keyboard, I'm sure that won't occur.
Overall, great quality, great movie, great achievement :)

Posted on July 26, 2006
- Dulci

An interesting mix of emotions stirred up in me as I watched this. At times endearing...intense...intriguing...confusing...thrilling. The soundtrack added a deep level to this movie that I really enjoyed. Great cast of actors as well - isn't it great the level of talent we can find in the community? I'm left with a question - why would living forever be such a curse? Even moving from body to body? There's so much to see and me something to think about.

This had a true cinematic feel, and I loved the use of overlays in the opening * closing sequences. Quite an accomplishment overall. Dulcilicious!

Posted on July 25, 2006
- Mericc

Another great, but Loooong part of what I take will be at least one more movie. Excellent editing and presentation, with more of the same in regards to top notch VO's and dialog. Keep up the good work.

Posted on July 25, 2006
- kos78

There are so many things I could say about this movie, and all of them are good. But in an effort to bring out the uber-picky analytical side of me, I will point out some areas for improvement first. Some of the VO's were overpowered a little by the music, and some of the gun closeups were a bit blase. There was perhaps an overuse of the direct frontal camera-shots, I started to wish for a bit more variety in the facial close-ups in some parts. Some of the lip syncing, especially Abigail, did not work so well; given the poor lip syncing on this character it may have been better to use different camera angles to avoid the mouth shots. Abigail's laugh seemed out of place, and the repeated lines in the car immediately afterwards served little purpose. In one of the car scenes the backdrop was moving in reverse. The titles at the start went past a little too fast, and the fonts of the titles at both the start and end were a little too small.

Now on to the good parts, which was practically everything else. It shows just how good this movie is that I have to descend to such nit-picky details to find anything at all bad to say about it.

One of the scenes that I liked the best was the detective in the diner. This brief scene powerfully portrays the detective's personality and his relationship with the woman, and I felt a strong affinity for this couple in such a short time. I point this out to show the high quality throughout the movie, that even a 'throwaway' scene like this was so good. And I'm a romantic at heart more than a horror buff, so this scene really appealed to me.

Of course the rest of it was excellent, the music, plot, dialogue, VO's, pacing, environmental effects, and everything else about it. Once again you have blown away all the so-called limitations of the medium and shown what can truly be achieved. All the best for the future.

Posted on July 25, 2006
- a2k13

Good movie about a guy searching for answers and mystery

Posted on July 24, 2006
- homemadeeye

editing 19/20 The editing in this movie was really good. There were some scenes with great use of freecam, and the part at the end in the car with the spirit, was very well done. I took off one point because there was one part where they were in the car and it looked like they were driving backwards.

vo/subtitles 10/10 The voice overs were all perfect, and the dialogue was good too.

sound 15/15 The music was really good, and it fit in perfect with the movie. It really made the movie a lot better.

plot 25/25 The plot in this movie was amazing! It had lots of twists and turns and it really kept my attention for the entire movie. The ending was great too.

scariness 20/20 It is really hard to make a movie that is actually scary, but as far as a movie made with The Movies goes, this movie was pretty scary. The scenes where it showed her getting stabbed were really good, and you had a good atmosphere for a horror movie.

Originality 10/10 This movie was very original. I haven't seen any movie with a plot anything like this one.

Overall: 99/100 (best score I've ever given)
4.95 stars
This was possibly the best horror movie I have seen so far. Great job on this one and part as well. I'm looking forward to part 3.

Posted on July 24, 2006
- WishfullThinker

Editing 4/4 : Good editing. Didn't see any problems. Good job.
Dialogue 3/3 : Great voice overs, all were crisp and clear.
Plot/Originality 5/5 : The plot has developed and has become more interesting. I havn't seen anything else like it.
Entertainment 4/5 : A good movie, but the first half moved a bit slow. Maybe I just needed to refresh myself on what happened in the first one, or maybe a bit of tightening up on the editing to get the movie to flow a bit faster. I think that the repetative shots of the deaths were overdone a bit, a little bit cut out here and there might have gotten the movie moving a bit faster in the begining.
Music/Sound 3/3 : Nice selection of music. Does a great job of lending atmosphere.
Total : 19/20 - 5 stars - Excellent

Posted on July 24, 2006
- Marine101


1:Great effects
2: Best editing
3;Best story plot
4:Good voice overs
5: best horror yet!!!

2 thumbs up Sherwinlu and decadent.Great movie!

Posted on July 24, 2006

I got to admit...this flick had me floored. This succeeds the first film in about every way! Excellent editing really helped sell this movie. The storyline and characters were also a high point. I also thought the music was spot on and perfect for the drama of this film. Killer job on the custom score! I loved the VOs and they were paced almost perfect, but I felt some of the VO actors were underacting some scenes. Other than that, great job with the use of the VOs. It's nice to see some people really taking their time and trying to make something great, like this film...Very nice work! - 5 stars way up!

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Dylen

Lots of work in this one and it has all the good things the first one had. For me it might have been a little to much of those things. It seemed like it could have been shortened a fair amount. The tale is very intriguing and the new information sucks you in to wanting to see part 3. Nice work to all of you.

4.6 stars due to length, but it is still a 5! Hehehe

Posted on July 23, 2006
- darryhick

This movies was excellent! It was in many ways similar to a true Hollywood movie. You used S&E perfect on this, enough but not too much. Many films go crazy with freecam but this one felt very natural. Even during the murder flashbacks, which used some very creative camera work. Not an easy thing to do.

My favorite part of this movie was the sound. It was amazing. The way voices fade when people get farther from the camera, the echo of voices in peoples minds, even the static sound from the radio were absolutely brilliant. Not to mention excellent music from Sherwin Liu as always.

The only complaint I have is the diner scene with the cop. It seemed a bit out of place in the movie. The movie is already long and that just seemed to slow it down more. At that point he wasn't really a big enough character for some deep character development, but I have a feeling this will come into play more during part 3. And it doesn't really take away from this excellent film.

Overall and excellent movie. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series ever made with this game. I am really looking forward to the next one. Keep up the excellent work.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Wow..That was fantastic....
Excellent movie..

Film on!!!

Posted on July 23, 2006
- 6-HeadedMonster

What a fantastic cimematic acheivement.

I pretty much only want to mention the story in this review, as it is all about the story here for me. All the technical stuff just aids it beautifully. So much so, you dont even recognise it.....

I got a real feel for the struggles within that chase was dealing with. Living in the past or is it really a supernatual occurance? For our own minds can sometimes be our worst enemy as we try to piece our fragile thoughts into a final solution. I really enjoyed the many aspects of chase going about finding his "truth"....Beautifully done with exquisite dialogue.

I especially like the break at the diner...a soft moment amongst the chaos. That scene alone really brought it all into a real life story instead of a cat and mouse chase. When we glimpse into the detectives homelife.

ok i decided to give it up technically...despite my earlier statement because it's due. Great camera work...and big respect to Sherwins music that really picks the feeling of each scene perfectly...

Kudos :)

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Vesobe

A truly extraordinary piece of work.

From a storytelling point of view, the witing, plot and structure was glittering and flawless. The mythos was as compelling and believable as it was dark and otherworldy.

The editing and camera work, along with the set selection, was awe-inspiring. The opening alone glued me to the screen. Superb realisation of flashback and visual metaphor.

Truly this is a work of genius.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Ninette1

*(evil laugh)

I could praise and praise... but why? You already know this movie Kicks Ass. Not trying to be condescending at all. An extremely High Quality effort with Amazing results. Great Job all over the place, eh?

~Ninette1 Studios

Posted on July 23, 2006
- ubernewbie

who ya gonna call.

VO/subbies: 9/10: virtually perfect. Minor distorion from some breath, but excellent none the less.

Flow: 8/10: While a deep rich story, i felt it could have been short and kept me on my edge of my seat. A few times i looked to see how long it was and how much time had passed.

Set Dressing: 10/10: 'my precious' used props like they should, to make 'lived in' environments. My favourite bits.

Editing: 8/10: Tighter editing with the siting in car scenes would have made me a happier viewer, very good though.

WOW factor: 7/10: Great movie to watch once, but about 5 minutes too long for me. I wouldn't watch it again.

score:43/50: 4.3/5: 4 Stars, A GREAT MOVIE.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Saskro

I`m truely amazed!
I admit that I had second thoughts when I realized that the movie is 19 minutes. But I`ll never have any in the future...
This was so close to what I expect a real movie to be and storywise so much better than most things you see in cinema today that I`d even be willing to watch an one hour production of this quality!

Starting with the brilliant opening sequence, I was in awe seeing all the great editing and visualisation in this style packed first seconds. Then in the following minutes the studio proved that it doesn`t need to just rely on awesome editing and camera work but can completely grab a viewers attention with life-like characters, very well written dialogues and one of the most interesting plots I`ve seen on TMO for a long time. It`s rare to see brilliant visualisation and brilliant script-writing go together in such a perfect way!

I`ll be sure to follow this one!

Posted on July 23, 2006
- jameseva

A Complex and intelligently written supernatural thriller.
The flawless editing combined with the superb VO work and wonderfull script all go together in making this an outstanding part of the Light in the Dust.

This is a truely excellent and awe inspiring project.
It deserves all the praise it gets.
5 Stars.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- danlally

Yah it returns, a brillant movie the first one was and now with stunts and effects its even better.


Well done

Posted on July 23, 2006
- pegleg

I'm not sure what I experienced to be honest, but I certainlt experienced something. From the dream sequence and the clues that the murderer was somebody close, through to the shades of classical Hollywood in terms of some of the epxertly crafted and writtem dialogue. I can only pay this the highest compliment as this took me into a realm beyond that of a computer generated movie.

The Noir influences are strong, mainly through the Mike Hammeresque Detective and suffering male victim/killer. But this is an hybrid, the fact this sort sort of is a deconstructivist movie, which blends intelligent and expertly edited horror. Basically this is where one genre becomes another (is the Matrix action or Sci Fi, it's actually both).

The dream sequence stood out, but everything else was impressive too.

Check your PM, sorry if I was a little out of order on the Forum.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Daninsky

I'm half in awe and half dissapointed (which is a slight exaggeration on my part as you may be able to tell by the rating).

Seeing all the, well deserved, praise given to the movie I will keep this short and concentrate on the few points that didn't work (that well) for me:

-First thing I have to note is the use of an overlay where a make-up was called for (Blood spattered my face

Posted on July 23, 2006
- jamespetts

Very impressive; very impressive indeed. An intriguing development from the first episode, this episode is more compelling and more tightly presented than its predecessor. One of the most complicated and involved plots that I have seen, and excellent directing and voice acting. This is one of the best films out there.

Small though the problems are, there are one or two things that could have been a little better (although nothing big enough to detract from a five star rating). Firstly, although I particularly liked the Abigail character, and her introduction (and that ingeniously constructed, hillarious and delightfully accurate bulletin board scene), it was a little unclear just how she knew just how to kill off the "creature" and reclaim one's own body: some hint that she had read about it somewhere, or heard an old legend, might have helped, especially since she seemed desperately igorant about one or two aspects of the whole thing (I think that she said "I wish I knew" at least once).

Secondly, although the technical quality was generally very high (the music worked well, although I sometimes thought that it could have done with some better sound fonts), there were occasions when the music overpowered the dialogue making it hard to hear. That might be an EQ issue, or it might mean that certain parts of the music need to be made more quiet (unfortunately, that can only be done by editing the .ogg file itself, since PP does not allow individual adjustment of music volume).

Overall, though, a splendid film, and I shall very much look forward to part III.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- nutzhouse

This is Hollywood quality stuff here. None on TMO has reached this zone until now. Super story telling. Can't add more than has alread been said. Super stuff!

Posted on July 22, 2006
- Nuggetdie

All I can say is: This scared the hell outta me.

And you have gained the first Golden Badger award! Be proud. Shine on.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- TheMGMKid1

What can I say that I didn�??t say in my review of part one. Well yes, there is this to say. This installment of Light In The Dust is even more chilling and horrific than the first one and does not let the view down on iota in the expectation of something wonderfully evil and wickedly entertaining. In fact it is so oddly beautiful visually that I found myself lost without complaint in Hell.

I was extremely impressed with the charming and brilliant diner scene because that in itself was made up of a film buffs dream, we see a loving couple who express their love for each other in a movie trivia game. How smart and fun was that and it so solidly established the depth of their relationship and seasoned to perfection the ironic twists to come at the end. How many of us can name all the films that are referenced and the actors who gave the lines originally?

This film is full of really gruesome sights and even though I cringed during some of it I have to give the director and editor kudos for presenting it in such a way as to not allow me to look away. That says something for the craft of those involved. If you are going to make a film of this type then you have to go in with courage and conviction and show the truth of the matter. Otherwise it is just a cheep slasher film. This film treats its subject with, now this may sound odd, but a respect for life and how precious it is.

Again all the acting by the voice actors was top notch and powerful. It amazes me that voices from thousands of miles away can be brought together and with out ever meeting on a cold soundstage be made to relate and react as if they were all filmed together. It takes a lot of talent and imagination to give a performance all by your self with just a mic and a few pages of dialog. So the actors all should be noted for their fine contributions.

Again my hat is off to the makers of this film and it is gladly given the MGM Platinum Seal of Approval.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- p1a1u1l1

exellant movie I realy enjoid it.I asways wonder what will happen next and when I alwas wonder what will happen next the movie will be exiting so keep up the good work and im looking forward to waching your movies and when thay alwas show the blood comin out of the people I alwas wonder how I can do that because if i do then my movies will be so perfect and interesting but eneyway good movie.Oh and good luke on your movies.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- tigereyes

TigerEyes Review:

You begin our journey epically, using the camera that has become your sidekick to draw us deep into a story that we've been waiting to long to see :D. The camera makes use of techniques rarely remarked in tmo filmaking, the creative use of the white sets and even the blood overlay create an unmatched opening, the drawing in action shows a side of horror that few realize, you capture the viewer and break there first nerve within 30 seconds.

The story falls into place, everything i remember from the first story rushes back as we see what promises to be an incredible tale of horror.

Okay, now initially i was overpowered by the opening, but the excitement died as some voice overs just didn't match characters. People i attach directly to comedy appeared in a genre, and there voice didn't fit the character of a rough detective that you tried to capture. Again, some more comedic voice stretching for diversity surprise me and ruined that chat room scene for me, as it disconnected me from what was unfolding in front of me and i had to attempt to re work myself into the fabric of its awesome filmaking. However, the voice overs of Lucindamc123 were the best female voice overs i've heard in a film for such a long time, she's made my gold list :D they were amazing...they drilled the horror genre into me hard and punctured my heart releasing the fear that combined with the gripping and epic camera shots and tense music created an effect never before and never to be replicated by a TMO film...unless you make it.

Your filmaking skills....awesome here as they always have been. But the story has this strange feeling, a weird direction that leaves me wandering down the same road as our hopeless hero. Lizard's voice of anger as before, have brought me close to the hero and his struggle with a world i'm still trying to understand.

Your filmaking skills make you my favorite studio on TMO, i have seen so many films, studios, and i have reserved a short group of favorite films which the LITD series has made, but this film's creators have found a way to top out my list with the most amazing film quality on TMO, by far you show us how camera work tells a story, and you let us hear how a story should sound through the best voice artists and a rippling story. This is your best film yet, and with your resume, that is saying something.

PawPrint, like you need it, but the film...i is the greatest filmaking effort and achievement ever created, it is awesome, it is incredible, it is film.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- neonoir1x

Like those movie trilogies that morphs into different beasts as each part is unveiled, LITD started as a psychological mystery, and in LITD2, it is a conventional drama thriller. The movie is at once the same and at once a different movie all together. In terms of cast and scope, part 2 surpassed the first movie with its great ensemble VOs and plots that intertwined and seemed unimportant at first became significant later on. In terms of depth, part 2 lacks the journey into a man's psyche of the first part mixed with the strangeness. After the dream sequences acted as the transition between the two movies, the mystery of the protagonist is simply explained, losing the intrigue that could hovered over the overarching plotline. Althought that scene, with an emotional voiceover by Lucindamc123, was wonderful. However, LITD2 did has its moments. The ending confrontation scene was tightly edited. The diner scene was light and pleasant (surprising) change of mood (and probably of importance in part 3). Sherwin's soundtrack evoked the quiet horror of the movie skillfully.

Overall, although there weren't much interesting or new things that rises part 2 from the conventions, it is very well directed, and finely presented.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- Ghoststalker

Very interesting.
The story is way more complex then most movies here on TMO.
I can't say i've seen anything like it....IT'S BRILLIANT!
I loved and enjoyed every minute of it.
The music, the story, the camera technieks, then's perfect!
Looks like you've got me waiting for the next part! :D

Story 5/5 Very interesting.
Sound/music 5/5 Trilling.
outfits/character design 5/5 Some time what put into this.
Camera technieks 5/5 Looking sharp!

My man, you've writing history on TMO.

Peace out, ghoststalker.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- samyhouse

That was marvellous. I love your scenario. That is great!!

Posted on July 22, 2006
- Bezzer36

I can only add more praise to what I've said in the past about the works of Kate, Sherwin and Lizard...that's all I can do.

They are now armed with S and E and what this allows them is the freedom and power to blow the rest of the competition away here on TMO in terms of utterly inspiring movie making.

What scares me most is that this is just the beginning...right now, the three of them will be thinking 'how do we better this?'

What excites me most is that they will, regardless of how brilliant this series is...and it is brilliant!

Some things are just meant to be...Decadent Pictures is one of those things.

My comments on part 2?
I've nothing more to add that hasn't already been said, be excited, be amazed, contemplate, wonder, but most of all, enjoy.


Posted on July 22, 2006
- verguit

I'm jelous so many vo's i can get female ones anyway perfect continuation most original movie on TMO i'm glade you brought it out i was waiting for it seemed like ever. 19 minutes of good thriller entertainment.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- Greenglades

Jonathan Chase returns trapped in Bill Morris' body looking for a way to get his body back. Is it worse to have lost his body or to be stuck in the one that he is in ?

Plot/Storyline: An excellent plot with a well written storyline. Superb dialogue for the most part. Homages are nice but you went a bit far with the diner scene one or two quotes is sufficient the extra ones were pushing it a bit much, you don't want it to feel pretentious when the rest of the movie is so good.

Editing: Very good special effects. Excellent editing of scenes and great use of free-cam to provide an unbelievable cinematic experience. Once again the scoring of the movie made it incredible using music to help create the atmosphere and add to the tension and the drama. The voice overs were excellent. One critique: Ending credits - very difficult to read would have been better to use solid lettering.

Pacing: If you can hold the viewer's attention and maintain excitement and interest for 20 minutes, you have created a masterpiece.

Overall: An excellent sequel to the original. Unlike a lot of TMO sequels this movie can stand on its own with its storyline and a distinct ending. It is a superb film with excellent editing, music, effects, and dialogue. I would avoid getting carried away with movie quotes in part 3. This is probably a better movie than the first and your studio earns another well deserved Diamond in the Rough from me.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- derbyrams

Amazing movie!! I loved it!! It was an excellent plot, very entertaining to watch!! The editing was top-notch! Excellent, well done camera shots which made the film very stylish and it looked cool!!! A master-piece! I've seen the first and this is a treat to watch!!! Excellent work on the vo's which really did suit the characters!!! It might of been 19 minutes long, but I never got bored or thought it dragged on 'cos it was just an entertaining story that kept going on and on and really It never got boring!!! A very intruging action thriller!!!
Fab work!! Can't w8 for the next part now!!! I'm raving for it!!!!
Thanks ever so much for keeping me entertained for 19 mins, it was well thoughtut and really well put together!! Fab stuff!!A must see!!!
xxxxxxxxxx derbyrams

Posted on July 22, 2006
- taggart70

Nothing else that I can say that has not been said already. Outstanding work all around and well worth the wait. Of course can not wait for part 3. Thank you all for the entertainment and hard work you did. It was truely appriciated.

Posted on July 22, 2006
- Mishlof

How can you do this too me! OMG Please PM me with the next one PLEASE! where to start...editing amazing, the story WOW, I never noticed the time going by. 100% real movie to me...the mythos I like (into the supernatural films) the scene with the web search sooo realistic, thats what I would do to try and find answers... Music and camera use amazing... especially the closeing crane shot...

wow again.
Take Care

Posted on July 22, 2006
- kwistufa

Amazing movie!
A flawlessly made 2nd epic classic of The Light in the Dust for TMO!
Excellent story & VO's were faultless. Some great Voices used as well!
Really suit the characters. Editing was Flawless. Titles Great.
Custom stuff was just jaw droppingly good!
You would have to be 1 of the best movie makers I've seen on TMO...
Great job!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- kaipan

The most successful part of this movie was almost perfect well built for the characters, I can remember and recognized all of them even though there was quite a number of roles in this film. And I always like the lovely little touch which is "La Di Da". That interactive in between the couples was very well done.

Two thumbs up! :)

Posted on July 21, 2006
- IchthusADMR

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Without a doubt, one of the best storylines on TMO, and one of the best-edited films I've seen in a while. Fantastic. I assume that the series will continue, and I can't wait to see what's next. 5 stars without even having to think.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Lucindamc123

This was so good. A wonderfully written and directed movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. The music, sets, costumes, acting, story, makeup - everything was perfect. And what a wonderful end to a really awful week that I had (I live in St. Louis).

Posted on July 21, 2006
- AxeCinema

freaking amazing

Posted on July 21, 2006
- biggstrek

Terrific work here yet again. Words can't easily describe how wonderful this production was. Brilliant story, great VO's, truly inspiring camera work, perfect pace and subtle special effects. This film has it all.

Well done to you all!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- AnotherNewDawn

Of all the luck - the same day that I release my own baby, the movie I always knew would blow it out of the water also releases...

Such is my sad tale...

But nowhere near as sad as this one! Body-thieves and unselfish sacrifice and drama, oh my!

Once again, I am most impressed at the outstanding use of every tool in the TMO toolbox by this team of extraordinarily talented filmmakers. Sherwin, Kate, and Lizard grabbed hold of me once again and never let go, from the opening nightmare to the final frames, using light, sound, music, and a great voice cast to transport us deep deep deep in to Jon's world. Overlays, sfx, clever cuts, spectacular use of the free-cam...

What's to critique?

I am so honored to have been a part of this project, and will continue to support Decadent in any of their future projects in any way I can.

This is how it's done, people. This is how it's done.


Posted on July 21, 2006
- postmodernchuck

Let me tell you a story.

It's about a man named Chuck Williamson, who just watched Light in the Dust - Part 2, and suddenly feels very compelled to reiterate some of the froth-mouthed fanaticism he expressed of the film's previous installment with more hyperbolic nonsense that would rattle on the eardrums and curdle the nerves. But alas, Chuck will not do so, for he knows that such things are redundant. Instead, he will merely marvel at this as he is enveloped by a glowing halo of amazement, circling round his brow like transculent butterflies twit-twittering this way and that.

Okay, I'll stop. Everything I said about Part One applies to this one ten-fold. With this installment, the Decadent Trio snatch their story from the oppressive darkness of the original's near-nihilistic vision of the supernatural and the psychological by expanding the canvas with supporting characters, subplots, and what-have-you that alternatively give us a small glimmer of hope -- and dread. Though this expansion detracts from the surreal claustrophobia of the original while marring the terror-thick atmosphere with its unexpected spurts of humor (who knew!), it does provide the release promised by all middle chapters -- releif, tension, exploration.

The writing here is immpeccable, and makes me doubt my own abilities as an author. Every detail in the dialogue marches pitch-perfect on the ears, satisfying my love affair with language through the sheer variety of dialogue with which we hear and uncover a patchwork of character portraits. Some of these things are too brilliant not to be mentioned -- the couple who speak in movie quotations, the amusing banter of the Internet goons, Bill's mellifluous and fetishistic eroticization of murder, and Abigail's tortured supernatural confessional which will haunt me long after I walk away from this film.

The direction... my god... if there is a TMO heaven, it will be a place where I am half as good at this whole cinematagraphy thing as Kate Lee. Those visuals, coupled with the menacing, minimalist soundtrack, made me swoon and guffaw with amazement.

The voice acting was exceptional all around, with Lizard and AnotherNewDawn showing me precisely why they are two of my favorite TMO thespians. But I must say that the most absorbing performance was Lucindamc123's, whose fever dream of a monologue made me want to simultaneously weep and run away to the safety of my broom closet.

In conclusion, I love all of you... you sick, depraved, extraordinarily talented rapscallions!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- R33se

A very long movie thats worth watching for every minute.

I don't know if there's anything else I can add that hasn't already been said.

Its a brilliant adaptation to Ann Rices story. The use of the free-cam is incredible and your storyline flows very smooth.

Spectacular mods is an understatement.

This is an excellent piece of work. Thank you for inviting me to the preview!!

Cheers :-)

Posted on July 21, 2006
- JosephKw

Enthralling plotline! The concept was brilliant conceived and made manifest. I feared the ending was truly the ending--I was hoping to learn more of the others (great dialogue exchange with Abigail by the way), and be continued! Perfect. On the technical side, I now understand what you meant with the use of music or ambient sounds; wonderful VO manipulation throughout (radios, echoes), and I think you used every trick in the TMO book for those visual effects and then some. I know you want some constructive criticism, but with this installment you'll get only praise (you've gotta give me something to complain about next time).

Posted on July 21, 2006
- jackalbane

Speechless. You guys with your fancy camera-work, amazing musical tracks, outstanding plot, and extreme attention to detail left me speechless. Is it even possible to make a movie of this quality with this game? Evidently so.

From the opening titles, I knew I was in for a wild ride of decadent proportions. Just the intricate work put into reeling us back in was enough to already get me glued. From then on, I was completely silent. And once the end had come, I was already shouting my bravos. You three really have your work cut out for you. Developing, creating, filming, editing, creating music, mods, overlays, dialogue, gripping characters - you really have done yourself proud.

As for the final installment of The Light In The Dust, well, take your time and make it your own. With three minds like yours turning the gears, it can't come too soon. Double Bravo and a bow to an astouding and amazing film.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- TimBurtonFan


Posted on July 21, 2006
- GearofWar512

Phonominal work hope to see #3 soon

Posted on July 21, 2006
- benstudios1991

I am simply awestruck.
I cannot believe what I just saw.
This is the greatest movie ever made with The Movies, and one of the top 10 entertainment pieces I have ever seen, be it TV, movies, or anything.
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, down to the tiniest detail, was perfect. It was absolutely phenominal, and I have no idea how you did it.
Where do I start...
Plot twists were perfect, you never know what's coming next, it's all so surreal and all the information learned throughout the movie comes together pefectly.
The effects were great, Those animations were top-notch and really moved the story into higher ground!
The VOs fit the character exactly, and Lizard is the absolute VO king!
The dialogue was so perfectly written, so much attention was paid to detail, I found myself sucked into the movie, feeling like I knew the characters.
The mods were great, realistic, and best of all enhanced the story exquisitely.
The freecam, Oh the FreeCam!! kate is the master of cinematic camerawork, I was astounded by the things she acomplished, the way she used scenes in a new and different way by changing the camera angles. Also, during the credits the camera changed directions many times, each time perfectly smooth.
The atmosphere of this movie literally gave me chills, the tension and realism created through set dressing, darkness, and voiceovers was absolutely astounding.
All those things came together to create the best TMO movie ever. No hyperbole, it was by far the best TMO movie and it really blew my mind.

You should definitely enter this in the machinima contest, it renewed my faith that The Movies can truly create masterpieces.

I don't know what else to say, I'm still partially in shock over how beautifully great that film was. Perfection in every sense of the word.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- maniacc0

Incredible...simply incredible! I feel as if I could end my review at that, but I also feel you deserve to know why I feel that way. You have once again awed me, inspired me, and taken me into a whole new world. Again, I felt as if I was in your world, with your characters, and part of your story. You told this story from a fantastic point of view, like the first one, by not giving us all of the information. You told the story from the point of view of the main character, in present tense, so as to not give too much away. Bravo, bravo, and bravo!

The story of Non Omnis Moriar was just amazing, and I felt it was even better than the first part. I cannot wait for part 3, where loose ends will be tied up, and we figure out just what it is you started, back in May. This movie was a very solid driving force, and every scene pushed this story forward. You were always thinking to yourself, wow that was good, now, what's this? Not once did you have a moment to stop and think about something, because if you did you would have missed the valuable information that was given in the next scene. Excellent work with the storytelling in this movie!!

Normally, I wait a little while to talk about this, but it is unavoidable in a movie that displayed it so well. Sherwinliu has once again captivated his audience with a riveting soundtrack, that not only sounded great, created a fantastic atmosphere, but it told a story itself. I felt that the music tracks in this movie had meaning, feeling. As a musician myself, it was simply incredible, and I congratulate you on achieving something every musician strives for. Great, great work! The voiceovers were also just beautifully done. From Lizard, to Meglo, every character had life. Every voice had emotion, and had a story. You could tell just what kind of person they were, just from the way they talked. The voiceovers in the movie helped make the movie what it is, and the voice actors deserve much praise for jobs well done.

Now, the special effects and camera work. This is another part of the movie, that I just felt had meaning. From the great overlay sequences, to the costumes, to the wonderfully placed cameras, you did excellent. I really must thank you for not overdoing the free camera shots, and using them perfectly - you made it a pleasure to watch your movie.

Overall, you have done it again! LITD2 will surely leave the community in awe for several weeks, and it deserves to hold the number one spot overall, and stay there for a little while. TMO hasn't seen a movie this good since May 13, and if you don't know what was released that day, do some research, you'll see what I mean. Like I mentioned many times in this review, the reason why I love this movie so much, is because every aspect of it has MEANING. You FELT every part of this movie, and it was a beautiful feeling. Here's *The Breakdown*

Originality: 9/10 - It being a sequel and all. Otherwise, it is fantastic.
Plot/Story: 10/10 - Lizard, you have done well with this story, and Kate and Sherwin have done a good job of making it into a movie! Bravo!
Editing: 5/5 - Costumes, effects, scene selection - feeling!
Free Cam: 5/5 - Again, the camera work was pleasing to watch, and it didn't hurt the movie at all!
Audio: 10/10 - Voiceovers were fantastic, as every VA had emotion. Music - I can't find words good enough to describe how great it was!
WOW ME: 12/10 - You've achieved the coveted all caps WOW ME! Brilliant!
Total: 51/50 or 5.1 stars!

Feeling, meaning, emotion - words that make this movie what it is! I cannot wait for Part III, and I'd be honoured to be a part of it in any way possible. You guys will always be seen as masterminds to me, and you know you have my full support!

Simply incredible, 5 stars, 2 thumbs WAY up!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- jarvis100

I was always wondering if you were going to make part 2, and what would happen in it. Well I'm glad you did make the part 2, becasue this was incredible. From the music to the story to the VOs, every thing was perfect. I always say that movies have to have certain elements to succed, well you have all the elements for success. It is perfect in everyway.

The great storyline that was so closley connected to part 1 was spectacular. It had everything I was hoping for. More devlopment in the charcters and the story. It was perfect. And the voice over cast was also a perfect score in this. Abigale had to be the best voice of all. And ofcourse your music choice is still fantastic!

Score- A+

Posted on July 21, 2006
- capemedia

QUICK REVIEW: Absolutely excellent movie, this has really pushed my all time favorite movie on TMO "Blackbird" for my number 1 spot. And guess what? I think you have piped it.

The story, VO, camera work, scene dressing and the most important part of any movie THE DETAIL. The detail was just amazing; the way the dialogue was weaved around the visuals was just perfect. The camera work IS the best I have seen on TMO and finally someone who uses freecam the way it is meant to be used.

Also the music by Sherwin Liu was just spot on for the mood you were trying to get and it really did the job. This movie is the best thriller on TMO and deserves to be number 1 without a doubt.

Bravo *Stands and applauds" you have done what a thousand other movies have failed to do and that is to move me in such a dramatic way. The 20 mins just flew by as I was absorbed by the story.

Decadent movies you are now the number 1 studio on TMO, very well done for producing such a great movie :)

Posted on July 21, 2006
- murpheykid

Well I downloaded this part to watch with the first part so I could have a little refresher when watching. I have to say that the 2 parts flowed together quite nicely. I think this part is even better than the first. Everything about it was excellent. The story was excellent. The VOs were excellent. The special effects were excellent. This was overall just an excellent masterpiece. The story is starting to come together quite nicely. I can't wait to see the next part. For the time being the 2nd part has received a Murpheykid Recommendation.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- James_Beckerson

Very interesting story well executed thanks to good editing skills. Big attention put to build each character and make it instantly recognizable on the screen. Nice work with music and new camera angles brings the needed tension into this movie.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- sisch

WOW! You just made me totally forget that this is a game... I´m at a loss for words! I agree with alfric here, you have raised the bar again, with stunning camera work, amazing voice overs, special effects, sound and music.. I loved those scenes with the old woman, the set decoration was awesome, and you have inspired me again (you always do!). The story pulled me in, and it is still on my mind: what will happen to Jon? I will download both of the movies now, and watch them again and again... so that waiting for the next part will not be so hard! Thank you, decadents, for a beautiful movie!

Posted on July 21, 2006

This is one of the most serious films I have ever seen on TMO, very much like the first part but in other ways it is better too. I felt it was well written and it had all the attributes of a real film. It felt more like a Supernatural Thriller/Drama than horror but that is not down to you, the horror genre is what is most close to this film. Overall an Astounding storyline that captivates you for the whole 19 minutes, not alot of films can do that. Thumbs,Fingers,Legs,Toes Up ! :D

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Code_Red

This is an absolutely brilliant film! You guys never cease to amaze me with the quality of work produced from this story. It is near flawless and absolutely stuns me that these types of films can be produced with theis software. Keep em coming!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Ratonero

Well, this is beyond the usual TMO movie, whether with EP or not. The direction, the use of the camera is simply amazing, giving all the movie a sense of surrealims when it's neccesary. It's a movie. A real movie. Congratulations for a work well done.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Timo666

One word to describe this movie: F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

Seriously: This is not only one of the best TMO horror movies but also belongs to my personal Top 20 movies overall! Great work, I gotta download this one!

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Mogulman321

Holy Crap. That was an amazing movie. No, that wasen't amazing. That was the best. That was easily one of the best movies on TMO ever. Period. Everything was perfect. The sounds, the VOs, the music, the story. It all was. I did feel like a little something was missing, but who cares. That was amazing. No, not great job. Amazing Job.

Posted on July 21, 2006
- alfric

absolutely stunning...
the promise of the 1st part,delivered and exceeded in the 2nd part...
the bar has been raised to a new high with this thrilling and thought provoking drama...
splendid in all departments,i was swept up in the story and it never let up...
thanks for this tremendous movie...
will be really looking forward to seeing what twists and turns you all have for the next part..

Posted on July 21, 2006

Absolutely Amazing.This story is getting deeper and deeper. The story is amazing the VO's were brilliant.The music was incredible and it's amazing the dreaded synch monster didn't rear it's ugly head...The direction was amazing loved the closing scene..Cannot wait for the next part.. Great Work to all involved. This is definatly a number 1 movie.Much success guys

Posted on July 21, 2006
- makrim83

First thoughts:"well i was really looking forwar to this so when i saw it i just clicked on the link i rmember how good the first was."

opening: This started off well concluding everything that happend in the first
and that Teryfying murder that you see in the beginning,i give Kate_lee all the credit for directing Pure skill.

Middle:Lizard again has done a great job at effects including a fully masterpiece script written by Shirwinlu.Kate_Lee and Lizard again you have
out stounded me with The Light in the Dust 2 and not to forget the great music provided by shirwinlu.

Closing:overall this was a classic horror movie and it is very well convieced by DecendantPictures and great VO's from
- Lizard
- Lucindamc123
- Yeagmaster
- AnotherNewDawn
- BenStudios1991
- Voodoo
- Rposhard
- Myshinator
- Maniacc
- Meglomovies
and others also i noticed a bit of humour in there aswell as horror which made this extra special.
It had no problems at all sound,VO effects was all fine.

Final thoughts: I liked wait loved it it reminded me of alot of alfred hitchcooks movies but with a modern twist, the effects,The Story,The VO artists,and the excellent directing is what made this film one of the best horrors to Hit the popular TMO.


*This review will be featured in Horror Weekend Issue 5 as the feature review*

Posted on July 21, 2006
- Sgt_JV

Excellent again for another peice of Art my Decadentpictures and all the actors and actresses in this part. 1st part was great, 2nd part was great and the next? We shall find out when it is released.

The music flowed well with the scenes and the acting and the sets helped the atmosphere for the film and the special effects worked wonders on the film. Good job boys and girls. Good Job

Posted on July 21, 2006