Star Trek 2 Next Generation
Studio: cd3141
Review Count: 16
Average Rating: 4.88 stars
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 11 minutes 30 seconds
Posted on: July 5, 2006
Film Description
WARNING 18+ STRONG LANGUAGE Captain Jean Luc Picrockhard leads the next generation crew on a next generation mission to find the doomsday device.
- Trashman wait
How did I not stumble on this sooner?Thank Legend51 and Franklinjake for bringing this to my attention with their films.
Damn I love this better than the real thing.A bunch of badass SOB's I loved it hahahaha:-)
Its nice to know there is someone who hates Wesley Crusher as much as I do.I could never stand the little prick.But then I was amazed when you actually killed off my second most hated character,chief O'brien.Its like you read my mind or something because I always dreamed of seeing them die.I always wanted to shove Mr.Crusher onto the transporter and beam him into space using widest possible dispersal.I admit though,I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction at seeing him thwacked in the head with a wrench lol
This was pure evil Star Trek,and if this was on t.v. I would be a dedicated weekly viewer.Seriously.
Hilarious VO work,and the music was expertly chosen and placed.I,for one,would like to see you stick around.But if you don't I fully understand your frustration.I like it when people push the edge.I have many ideas that I havent made yet that would probably get banned too.
I don't always tell people when I download their movies,but just so you know this one is getting downloaded,and I will even give a copy of it to people I know so they can enjoy it too haha:-)

Posted on August 5, 2006
- Legend51

Well i have 2 things to say but i will start with the movie itself.

I have never laughed and cheered at a movie so much before, so many awesome scenes and though i normally don't find over swearing that funny, in this movie it was done so well that i allmost fell off my chair. Was that Sabu from ECWs intro music i just heard? I love how you picked on Westly, in the real series i saw him as an annoying little wretch who deserves everything this movie throws at him. I do like Star Trek i will admit but i would rather watch a series like this over the real thing. Great job.

Point 2. I just heard you are leaving TMO and it is indeed a sad day if this is true. I was told that you had a movie pulled by TMO and decided to walk. I can totally understand that as i had my Harry Rants series cancelled by Lionhead and i was ready to walk, ever since then i have had to hold back and to be honest i got so sick of it i have pretty much given up on TMO completely. I know you will now get people begging you to come back and if you do then it will make a lot of people happy as your movies are some of the best around and there is nobody else like you on TMO. However if you do decide to stay away then i for one understand that completely, i myself am trying to make my own animations and plan to put them onto such sites as Newgrounds who let people upload their own flash animations. Simply put it is bad enough that the movies has very limited scenes anyway so it is hard to make a movie how you want it to be and on top of that there are all those stupid rules they have that the top studios seem to be exempt from. I dunno how many times i have seen top studios get away with stuff that the lower studios get reprimanded for just because Lionhead want to make a point and use their power and authority. Anyway enough of my ranting, i wish you all the best and will miss your unique movies.

Posted on August 5, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie..
Very good storyline.....

Film on!!!

Posted on July 31, 2006
- oblivious2u

thats a "burn" on him great movie

Posted on July 25, 2006
- Majicman182

Good Movie once again, but the ending was alittle weak. Picrockhard should have lived. :-P

Posted on July 21, 2006

The most violent version of Star Trek I've ever seen, everybody on the ship is so mean and evil, yet it's fun to see them insulting each other, and the insults are so clever like the one about the store manican, made me laugh, also the one with mexican turd, and the bedsheets, good one. Although it didn't have much of a plot or story, it's still a very funny movie. Though at sometimes it does get a little to chatty, I enjoyed it very much, keep up the great work.

Posted on July 19, 2006
- PatJake

I'll have to say watching this again makes it worth while, it was still funny and that punk kid got what was coming to him. So here is an extra vote from franklinjake Studios.

Hey, it is me franklinjake studios, don't ask how I'm here again. I'm here to let you know that the Minimalist Movement is longer here. We have closed our doors July 10-11 2006. I'm no longer part of that movement and it was sad day for me. But I've learned to move on now. I'll hope you still help me out and support my work still, I'll be still voting for you and helping you my friend. There is a new banner on my studio lot. I'm on my own now and free of tight rules. I'll be voting fair now and helping those who realy need it. I love your work and still watch your films. And you are still welcome to stop by and watch my films. I'll welcome you with friendship, and it is an honor to still be here to watch your work. It'll be an honor to have you come by anytime and have fun watching my films.

That is all that I'll have to say for now, but just keep in mind, I'm working harder now to be on my own and I'll be still filming. Keep those films coming and have fun making cool films. I love each an everyone of them. The Rebles of TMO is gone now. But happy and joyness is with me also. See you around friend and I'll be watching your lot for the next film. Don't give up on TMO, you have friends still here. Peace friend.

Posted on July 13, 2006
- edlup56

I am giving this a 5 but I really wanted to give it a 3 because you only beat the crap out of wesley twice i could have watched the whole movie based on him getting killed over and over again.
Seriously I can see the tremendous amount of work you put into this I would love to know what you used to create all the special effect.
Not only that but you cutting and camara work is flawless I would like to see a movie where the wimpering deana troy get some punishment

Excellent movie I am now going to see if you have other listed
I am new and just getting around

Posted on July 12, 2006
- freddymurphy

Man, you're pretty I know a "trek" fanboy at work who would be pretty pissed at you he he. May if if the other trek shows were like this they would have lasted longer. Good job!

Have fun!

Posted on July 11, 2006
- WarrenWalterWilliamWoulfe

You must really LIKE Westly, I mean you had him killed, TWICE ! ;) The only problem is there's no way to do a 2nd episode because the ship blows-up to kindom come with everyone on board. Perfect parody for folks that hated TNG or liked it like I did, pretty spot on in places, well, except the language, no one on Trek ever talked liked that, possibly why it's so funny to hear them do so.

Posted on July 8, 2006
- Franklinjake

I'm..........speachless. I don't know what else to say, except that it is a block buster in my eyes. I never like the punk, it was great that he was hit in face and I loved every minute of this film. I don't think my wife is going to like this, she a big Star Trek Fan. You have blasted me in to space with a great film friend, keep them coming. I'm running out of words to say. Great job.....lols from me.

Posted on July 6, 2006
- pegleg

Again I have to admit I love your characters, you voice characterisations and some of the funniest lines and character names in TMO history. I love how you make your movies without worrying about anything. I find this refreshing as with each movie you prove that barriers don't work as good as not following the rules. A special note to the excellent soundtrack and also how you used the special effects wisely.

Posted on July 6, 2006
- sidy

i enjoyed. good music, voice, and story. great job!

Posted on July 6, 2006
- SothisAmon

BWHAHAH Those are the best lines for ages some classics Jon luc pricrockhard HAHAH his little radio scene made me chuckle, loved the end i was going to say that the difference between prickrockhard and cpt James T Khunt is that Khunt knew what he was [oh please!]ing doing that bald twat didnt know [not-so-nice-word!] and he let that nonce data [oh please!] up his day, worf obviously took lessons from my chicken for that walk... cant say hes quite mastered it though not quite as intemidating.
Krushers beatings were great, your movies get better everytime well done.

Posted on July 5, 2006
- Haaaaaaah

That was the most awesome thing ever!! Death metal intro was awesome. The best part was when the captain knocked out Data. Sabu rules!! If you get a chance check out my action-horror film. It has original music I created for it.

Posted on July 5, 2006
- jdknght24

wow...u get 4 stars for makin a 11 minute movie with a star trek theme...that was the angriest metal version of the series ive ever seen it was like star trek meets Oz...i always hated wesley crusher...the dialogue was brutal...good goin to take a shower now and prepare for your next film lol

Posted on July 5, 2006