Dead Dreams
Studio: marine101
Review Count: 50
Average Rating: 3.66 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 4 minutes 12 seconds
Posted on: June 17, 2006
Film Description
Yes its here The horror you've been waiting for Dead Dreams

A girl named Sally has a so called "Dead Dream" and she asks herself what does this dream mean? With a shocking ending you wont beleive. Have you ever had a dead dream

Gordon-Sorrow 13 aka Sephor Rud

Thank you to those 3 supplying the voice overs! A warm thanx to them.

Music by kevinp (Horror music pack)
Dead Dreams2 is out!. DD3 in production

This is spookey studio worthy!
- Jenniza

I think the others covered the issues with the freecam use of the stage set being a problem. I thought I'd add that basically the stage set is too small to be effective with freecam, that you might want to consider next time using the green screen or blue screen (I'm no expert). Aside from that, this movie was very good and a lot of fun. The story was great.

Posted on January 6, 2007
- Ratonero

The movie have more good things than bad things, but these little "bad" things made the experience of watching it less enjoyable. Sometimes we can see outside the set, sometimes the setdressing was little blowzy. Even with the usual story about the masked killer and the victim who has "medium" ways of notice him, this story is a fun ride. Maybe not the better "serial killer" film, but a short and nice one with good ideas.
Next time, with little more attention to little details, I'm sure you'll made a great film.

Posted on September 6, 2006
- MelonTheCreeker

well i give this a 3 because i can see you put effort into it. I think the direction is where it was let down. when using freecam remember not to go too far, because in one scene i could see the side of the set. it takes everything away from the overall experience.
also, in the bed, she was sleeping with her high heels on still. i know its little, but its the little things you must pay attention to, because little things can get bigger once the final movie is made and onto the screen.
i didnt mind the story, i thought it was ok, although cliched. but nearly every movie on TMO has had influence thrown upon it.
overall, a very good effort, but i think you need more practice. take this as a helpful review, so that you can make even better films in the future.

if at first you dont succeed, try try again!


Posted on August 16, 2006
- nickr95

Plot - 6/10
Not much of a plot really, but like other things this movie was ok without one.

Editing - 8/10
Not much, but for the most part you didn't need any. Some of the scenes were too long, though.

VOs/Subtitles - 9/10
Some of the best VO's I've ever heard. easily understandable and loud enough. A few things you could have fixed, like no lip synching, though.

Characters - 5/5
Not much to say about this. The ending was kind of random, but still good.

Sets - 4.5/5
Okay. The stage shouldn't have shown in the dreams, but really good for most of it. No set dressing.

Other - 7/10
Would I want to watch this again? Not really, but just because there's nothing there to bring me back.

39.5/50 = 4

Above average movie. Overall you had a great idea and VOs, but not too much of anything else. Only some minor details prevented this movie from getting 5 stars.

Posted on August 11, 2006
- a2k13

Well this a bit different but the same thing keeps happening in the dream which adds a qutie big scare to the movie and had a funny feeling the boyfriend was the kill spending all that time with in 1 day but this still good work.

Posted on August 8, 2006
- michagin_man

No comment

Posted on July 29, 2006
- rjb2112

Great VO's!

Excellent casting, script and dialogue.

A very good film.

Posted on July 23, 2006
- Spookey_Studios

Wow that was very good keep it up!!!

Posted on July 9, 2006
- Hami13

From Critics Corner Reviews Hosts Hami13
Plot: Ok! You had an ok plot here! But youcould have worked on it better with more detail! >4/25<
VOs/Subs: The VOs were good! Clear with a nice mixture of tones and accents! But sometimes they went down and were hard to hear! >4/25<
Music: The music was a good choice! It added a eerie fell to it! >5/25<
Editing: The editing was ok but could have been better! >3/25<
Stunts and F/X: Not many stunts in this movie but there were the od little stunts! The F/X was ok! But you could have explored some of the things the expansion pack contains! >3/25<
Overall Statement: The movie was well executed but with a predictable ending! Again explore your characters back ground stories because your characters didn't seen believable to me which will bring you down in the charts! But overall you had a decent thriller movie with some chills threw it!
Out Of 25 - >19/25< = 4*

Posted on July 9, 2006
- Dredrt

Not a bad horror flick. The voice overs were very good. The daul voices at the end were great. The story idea was great, but never felt the big build up. This is a solid effort though, and enjoyed watching.

Posted on July 9, 2006
- Valatiel

Not a bad little movie. I agree with the set freecam thing; you saw backstage with it, which kinda kills the mood. But since it WAS a dream, you can't really fault it.

The VO was top quality, although the acting itself was a little off. However, the dual voices at the end? VERY COOL. And the use of music was nice, also.

Overall, as I said, not bad. If you're looking for a pleasant way to pass the time, you could do worse.

Posted on July 7, 2006
- tremblett

Dead Dreams, I liked the editing in the movie, I liked every thing except this:
You had parts in there that didn't make scence, there were sceens in the movie that made me feel like you just tryed to make it longer. And speeking about long. 2 hours doing it??? Boy Oh boy, he good. Any way. You losted 1 star beacuse of what I said before, Dont try to fill in the blanks man.

Posted on July 7, 2006
- Greenglades

A good horror idea which just didn't get realized as you intended.

Plot/Storyline: A good plot choice for your horror. The storyline was crafted well but the dialogue could have been improved. Gordon's conversational style of speech was not a good choice.

Editing: Some good use of freecam and some nice horror techniques.
What didn't work as well: The stage set for the dream sequences with the white background was nice - but the freecam showed too much of the actual stage set and took away from this effect. You could have placed her in a field etc.. and used the dream white flashy overlay which would have kept the visual quality of the shot better.
Voice acting - the sound quality was very good, The female voice was not as good although over time I started to get used to Sally's speech - maybe she had throat surgery or laryngitis
The Music in the opening and the ending you used some good music choices. The old silent era style piano instrumental was not a good choice and took away greatly from the overall feel to this movie.
Ending: There really isn't a need to put the end there, unless you are going to do a twist where the action starts again or it may be a question "the end ?"

Pacing: Horror suspense and drama slowed by Music and dialogue

Overall: A good attempt at a horror. You had an excellent idea and you have shown some great filming techniques. You need to concentrate more on how the set looks after it is shot and maybe have someone check your dialogue to see if it is reasonable to use. If you can get a female voice for your next films that will help. Either your mom or sisters, if not can request them from the community. send me a pm I will be happy to help you facilitate this.

Good movie, just need to tighten up in some areas and your films will become markedly improved.

Posted on July 6, 2006
- gmangps

First off why'd he have to kill sally, but other than that dream sequences built up suspense.The second dream I thought was real at first. The vo's were really good.It's the best horror I've seen yet and they are really hard to do.

Posted on July 6, 2006
- Dylhero

I'm sorry, I just didn't like it to much and thought it was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

Posted on June 30, 2006
- Master007

I feel that it could have been a lot better, and you didn't need to use babe so much! Keep on filming!

Posted on June 30, 2006
- kwistufa

Nice flick. Tidy editing & good BG music choices. VO's were a good volume and very clear to understand. Dream sequence was ok, maybe use the smoky dream bubble overlay next time.. Story was ok.. Keep em coming!

Posted on June 29, 2006
- alabamachick

A good movie, but not the best. I would've used a different set for in the dream when he stabs her.(Like something alittle more spooky)Pretty good voiceovers though.

Posted on June 29, 2006
- sweatyshoulder

It was good. Not the best, but otherwise good. I can't give it four stars though b/c it had amazing VOs. But overall, good job.

Posted on June 29, 2006
- Butchered_Studios

I am very sorry but I didn't like it much. Very Cliche and you use the word babe way to much

Posted on June 28, 2006
- ubernewbie

Fresh meat, how sweet.

VO/Subtitles; 7/10: For the most part, they were clear and understandable, just a few spits into the microphone.

Flow: 5/10: i got the hang of the story about halfway though the film. Slow up till then.

Set Dressing: 5/10: None.

Editing: 4/10: The stage was the wrong choice for what you wanted to do, The white shack interior would have been alot better.

WOW factor: 3/10: I would not watch it again, except on request.

score: 24/50: 2.4/5: 3 stars. You are showing signs of improving. but you are intent on copying to heavily on the one style, Jason. Killers come in all forms. try various styles. The Well dressed cultured villian can be the most chilling sometimes.

Posted on June 27, 2006
- indianapepsi1

Wow spooky, Gordon is cool and it was very well made movie!

Posted on June 27, 2006
- nascarlover

Wow Marine this was a really good movie! I had no idea that the killer would be Gordon at the end, I like movies that leave me hanging like that- great job! Also great use of free cam and stunts and effects! Awesome!

Posted on June 27, 2006
- RobbieP

Ack! You said it wouldn't just be a mindless killer again.

I'm sorry but that was pathetically cli'che and the "twist" at the end didn't have any logic behind it and was even more clic'che than the rest of the film...

Now please Marine, stop with all these stupid hockey mask murders!

~ catfisherman.

Posted on June 26, 2006
- mikee12

That movie was good.
The ending kind of suprised me though.

Posted on June 25, 2006
- taggart70

The true horror of this movie comes from the inexperiance of the crew filming it. A true example of B-horror movie compleat with bad filming shots of the side of the set and a killer in a hockey mask with a knife. Still mildly amuseing and worth a watch should you get tired of watching the paint dry.

Posted on June 25, 2006
- Timo666

Well your movie started out pretty good but then unfortunately didn't go anywhere. The nightmare sequence in the beginning was great (although showing the side of the stage does ruin the effect somehow) but the following part was rather weak. Generally there weren't any real horror moments in your movie, it felt more like a thriller. VO work was pretty good though so I'll give you 3 stars!

Posted on June 25, 2006
- kos78

The plot started from a decent premise, though it didn't seem to go anywhere.

Seeing the side of the stage and the changing backdrop were strange in the dream sequence. Granted that anything can happen in a dream, but still it looked out of place as if it was accidental, not a deliberate choice on the part of the movie-maker. Try to match the actors actions better with the person speaking (in some scenes it looked like the person speaking was listening, and vice versa).

I didn't really understand the 'point' of this movie. I can see what happened, but it didn't build any horror atmosphere and the ending left me without any real feeling for any of the characters.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting attempt, though perhaps did not come off as well as it could have. All the best for the future.

Posted on June 24, 2006
- snickers4

That was an ok movie but I just don't think it was all that great.

And now for the snickers bar review.
costume design:2/5
set choice:4/5
understanding the story:5/5
snickers4 worthy:2/5
******************* official*********************

Well it was ok but it needs some improvement. Good luck getting in my contest. (If you still want to that is)

Posted on June 23, 2006
- ChrisEdmond

I'm a big fan of the horror genre and I think you did a really good job of putting this together.

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The Ultimate Showdown

Posted on June 23, 2006
- jackalbane

This was a hard film to rate. As a horror film, it wasn't all that great. There were no real horrific moments and the story didn't really speak towards the horror genre. As a film all-over I think it's a little behind it's time, but still not a bad film. The first thing I think was glaringly obvious was you didn't up the volume of the voices in some scenes so the audience couldn't hear them. Also, the music at the end didn't really fit the tone of the scene, which probably would have helped believability and the pace of the film. Lastly, the slight lack of focus on sound effects really pulled this film behind. Horror films are all about sound effects, lighting and believability. Lighting you could do nothing about, but I think on your next venture you could probably do a much better job.

Posted on June 22, 2006
- Metalpunk

The idea was promising - but the realization was not quite satisfying. The twist at the end made no sense (or at least I didn't get it...). You should have worked more on the plot to create a gripping atmosphere and to prepare for the climax at the end. The freecam is a great thing - but you have to take care that you don't float through walls and that you stay in the sets. This could have been a very good flick if you had put a bit more of work and accuracy in the realization. :o)

Posted on June 22, 2006
- DemonBlood666

Pretty good story. I saw the twist from a mile away though.

Voice-Overs were OK.

Good editing. Best part of the film.

-Did I enjoy it?
It was OK. Good little twist at the end.

Posted on June 22, 2006
- manbot_AMP

very cool..check my movie out please

Posted on June 22, 2006
- tigereyes

okay, when using free camera its important not to show off the side of the set because it ruins the experience and because the experience isn't to long it takes alot out of you.

The "twist" was weird and the generic costumes for every character said to me that u threw together this film, just out there....

Posted on June 22, 2006
- agunst999

good movie had a good tist but the music i found was to loud for the vos

Posted on June 20, 2006
- Jason Harcourt

Give us more for our money....
And as for a shocking ending.....I'm not going to spoil that for other viewers!
My view, do it again but make it badder.

Posted on June 20, 2006
- Dulci

An interesting idea for a movie. Nice job on a twist ending. The voiceovers were sometimes drowned out by the music. A few of the freecam shots panned through walls, and I found that distracting. Also, pay attention to some of those details - at one point she checked her watch, but she wasn't wearing a watch.

Posted on June 19, 2006
- Shackleford

This didnt make much sense. It didn't seem like you explained the characters all too well. The motive of Gordon or whoever that guy was was not explained clearly enough. Sure I guess it was a twist, but the movie failed to immerse me in it. But I still think you can make much better films. Good effort.

Posted on June 18, 2006
- topheadx

Topheadx Official Review

Idea/plot: 14-20

Vo's/subs: 12-20

Special Effects: 13-20

Is It Topheadx Worthy?: 10-20

Editor's Choice: 10-20

Overall: 59-100

Average,Passable, Border Line.

It Did Not Get Topheadx Official Aprroval.

Editor's Note

I thought The Vo's Were a little chessy. The Male Actor's Voice I liked, But The female has some parts where it sounded funny. I liked Customized Stage Set though. I thought Story Was Fair, Had a cool twist in the end. In my Opinion I thought It was Ok.

Posted on June 18, 2006
- Conrack

It was brilliant i liked it but i think it could have better music and the movie could have been longer, but it of course has a good story and plot. overall deserves a 5.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- Tidusxx

ok wierd

Posted on June 17, 2006
- 911truth

A well defined, thought out plot that seemed a bit rushed and a tad predictable. Cinematography was average but the audio was on the weak side.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- sorrow13

I enjoyed this film. :)

Posted on June 17, 2006
- Ninette1

I enjoyed this. Some neat camera work and interesting characters. Just wish it made a little more sense with a stronger plot. Needs some tweaking with a bit more set/scene appeal and some more camera action. Music here was pretty good and nice sounding Voice there. :)

~Ninette1 Studios

Posted on June 17, 2006
- AxeCinema

well i had a very hard time getting into this film. it seemed like people walking around - things happening. Was getting a bit irritated with some of the camera angles - showing the sides of the stage set and all. The Voice-actors were all very good and put up a great performance. but i didn't really "believe" the movie. It was a solid effort throughout though - 3stars, average.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- Keoma

Yes, it was a good flick. The VO were very good and the ending was ok.

Olease visit my studio.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- SsjDave3

Good indeed. You fixed your voice overs. I hope on seeing more films from you soon.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- sidy

good storyline and voices. its nice.

Posted on June 17, 2006
- RedFox1

Good, some part where not very logical but still good.

Posted on June 17, 2006