Studio: kwistufa
Review Count: 20
Average Rating: 4.85 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 3 minutes 24 seconds
Posted on: June 16, 2006
Film Description
A Romance Music Video!
Clive's in Love but hasn't the courage to say Boo to the Gal of his Dreams..
For the Clive Haters he doesn't speak in this flick..Goddammit! ;p
Sets created by Rik Vargard..
Musical composition by MUD.

I have full permission to use this Music.
I played Bass!! hehe
It's off an old Demo from the Past.
- jxhogan

Great music video - the images really match the song well. It looks very professional, especially with some of the more unusual camera moves and shot selection. Well done - great movie. 5/5

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Posted on February 1, 2007
- derbyrams

An amazing emotional music video!! I must say, an excellent track which went with the mood of the scenes in the movie!! Excellent editing!!! A lovely music video!! I loved it!!!
xxxxxxxxxx derbyrams

Posted on June 24, 2006
- Leora

Great song, Chris! The freecam was used a bit... strangely.. in some parts, though. (Could see over the top of the backdrop in one scene...). I'm generally not a fan of music videos, but I actually liked this song, and it had Clive! :p So 4 for you!

Posted on June 24, 2006
- BrownFlash

Wow. Best music video I've seen so far! I like your editing the most. Good stuff!

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Posted on June 22, 2006
- Spaceman72

Ah, Clive can be romantic, what a surprise! :) Great music video, I didn't know that you are also a talented musician. Nice song my friend! :)

Posted on June 20, 2006
- ElizabethSusan

for starters Great tune! I knew he had a heart! Although Mezzanine is a bit Jealous as she has told me that she has a big big crush on Clive! Killer camera work. One of the best "videos" I have seen. Kudos!!

Posted on June 19, 2006
- 911truth

Pretty good... I don;t like music videos but this is probably the best one i;ve seen so far. Decent generic love song. A wee bit of freecam overkill and the characters were a bit ununtersting, but again, pretty godo for a music video. 4 stars.

Posted on June 18, 2006

How the hell do you do that do transition effect in the flashback where you put the outline around the scene?

you are quickly becoming one of my favorite film makers.

Please do a crocodile dundee part III. That is a movie that is crying to be made, or Kwying to be made, should I say.

Posted on June 18, 2006
- zaaapmmme

This was good man...
very good use of expansion pack...i like the the music...nice touch to it..
no vos no subs.....well its a music video theres su post to be none...
emmmm...i just picked up the expansion pack...iv made my first attemp with it...
film on

Posted on June 17, 2006
- AxeCinema

from the greatest comedy producer on TMO - this was NOT what i was expecting at all! XD - 4 stars is the highest i give music videos. :)

Posted on June 17, 2006

Great Video Kwistufa..Great Editing and use of scenes..Nice freecam work..Video Flowed Nicely

Posted on June 16, 2006
- riott007

This was actually pretty damn good. The song was perfect. I was sad that Clive didn't speak but I enjoyed it alot. How did you do that dream scene with the white border?

Posted on June 16, 2006
- 6-HeadedMonster

what the hell i was expecting it to be funny....

oh well it was real good.... who knew clive had a heart

Posted on June 16, 2006
- CronicClapper

HAHAHA. We talk about you playing music then next then you know I get to hear one of the tunes. Very good. Was that a cover. Still very good scene usage and Clive is hurt in a car accident. I hope he is okay. I mean you really can't make him any uglier with his hairy arms. But overall this was entertaining and beautiful. One of the better music videos.

Posted on June 16, 2006
- Ninette1

This is a tear jerker of a music vid Kwistufa. Really well made and makes ones heartache for your Clive. Great use of scenes to portray your ideas and thougtfully made story. Just adorable. Is that wrong?


~Ninette1 Studios

Posted on June 16, 2006
- duxy

Clive meets his girl and does foreplay!
Wats he gonna do next? star in a porno?? Hehe...

Well really, it was a great music clip, You love making them.. I think they're good.

Some good shots used man and his struggle to get her is what loves all about, and reminds me when I had those on and off periods with my gf. We end up coming back for eachother because we miss those precious times together! thanks man, really sensitive (my eyes are watering).

Posted on June 16, 2006
- ubernewbie

Man, that was so freakin awsome! Dude, old school aussie with that. I grew up with that sort of music, choices of scenes were perfect. I think your greatest work yet.

Posted on June 16, 2006
- princeinexile

Women will do it to you all the time...Poor clive cracks his car up just by thinking of the she devils..This is a great little movie...You used full potential of the camera and the scenes flowed really nice..All and all a very good movie..

Posted on June 16, 2006
- alfric

clive takes a nose dive for love...
a very good music video,not a bad tune too...
bass was a bit sloppy though,haha
seriously....a nice edit and the visuals fitted well..
good stuff...

Posted on June 16, 2006
- Hobo_Man_Jr

Wow realy good movie, the scenes went with the music and told the story realy well.

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Posted on June 16, 2006