Retarded Arm of the Law
Studio: aarn777
Review Count: 7
Average Rating: 2.71 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 1 minutes 56 seconds
Posted on: June 15, 2006
Film Description
This is probably the best movie ever made in the history of time.

shiggity shiggity, I got over 3000 VCs for comments on this movie. Thanks for hating me so much guys. It really paid off. Literally.
- conky

It was good but not good what I mean is it was a good movie but you cant here the voices but good job! Please watch my movies to

Posted on November 8, 2006
- IndieFilms


Posted on June 23, 2006
- july28


Posted on June 21, 2006
- -Mace-Solo-

...I feel something was lost in the process, here. Poster? Fine. Title? Descent. Enough for me to check it out anyhow. Movie? ...Yeah that's it.

Scenes were jumpy... character's woredrobe nasty... voice-overs not pretty... or should I say voice-over? Everyone sounded the same, and that wasn't good to start with.

Do I dare go into this aspect... story? No, I won't.

I see you've set your description up to let everyone know you hate people. I can see that is obvious now by passing out a movie like this one.

O.k. look, I didn't mean any offense with what I said. With me finished saying all of it however, I must bring this bit of constructive criticism for your future productions: THOUGHT. Think about character personality, think about story, think about how scenes will move along, think about practicing voice-over work, think. I'm sorry if I come off like I'm harsh, it's just you know you have some real potential for a movie, so go for it.

Posted on June 20, 2006
- Mildheadwound

An exemplary piece of cinema majic! Not since the golden days of Barney Miller and Car54, have such incompetent, police, shenanigans been so brilliantly recreated for all to bare witness! Uh, the voices coulda' used a little work.

Posted on June 19, 2006
- Dvfurlong

this was fricken the best movie on TMO to date! NOT!

Posted on June 18, 2006
- ThomasJancey

"This is probably the best movie ever made in the history of time."

If the history of time just started a second ago, maybe.

Posted on June 15, 2006