Lick My Nads
Studio: Guero
Review Count: 7
Average Rating: 4.0 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 2 minutes 12 seconds
Posted on: March 6, 2006
Film Description
If a Van Full of retards were able to create a movie, it would probably go a little something like this.
- choosepeace

Nad licking and a ninja. What's not to like?

Posted on March 7, 2006
- Seskaroc

Well, it was retarded, that's for sure....but a few cheap laughs.

Please take a look a look at our movie "Stunde des Grauens - Director's cut" (engl. subtitles). Thanx!:-)

Posted on March 6, 2006
- benos

okay the movie lol but still i enjoyed this movie.

Posted on March 6, 2006
- StokeStudios

Sorry guys - it was pretty devoid of any substance.

Posted on March 6, 2006
- davideg

That's nasty !!! I really enjoyed it.

Posted on March 6, 2006
- PsyKoPathic

Pretty Funny... But ...Pretty Strange

Posted on March 6, 2006
- TexasBabe2006

Liked it. Please rate my movies, thanks in advance.

Posted on March 6, 2006