An anonymous hero
Studio: hot07charx
Review Count: 6
Average Rating: 4.33 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 1 minutes 39 seconds
Posted on: February 26, 2006
Film Description
A short tragedy ( 1 m 37 ). In memoriam.
- gentleman43

Un bon petit film malgrés quelques petit défaut continu comme sa hésite pas a me prévenir pour tes prchains film a+

Posted on March 19, 2006
- mnkeeboy

Nice job but it needed a little more. Like subtitles or VO's.

Posted on March 7, 2006
- StevenBear

Very well cut, could do with some VO & ST but you made a good short story

Posted on February 26, 2006
- chrisu69

No comment

Posted on February 26, 2006
- StormMorran

great, the scenes were put together perfectly. i wolud like some subtitles etc but otherwise brilliant work. plz check out my movie ''aliens always die'' :)

Posted on February 26, 2006
- BlackSoldier5

good job, but try to put in subtitles or VO
PLz rate my movie the "The One We Called Boss", or "Things That Are Bad"

Posted on February 26, 2006