America 2012
Studio: Hatchet90
Review Count: 6
Average Rating: 4.33 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 9 minutes 52 seconds
Posted on: January 3, 2006
Film Description
Edited Version Few More Sub's Some Fade Ins, but basicially wanted it back on the site. About Jack Ricardo a former fugitive who finds himself as a good guy when he's a fugitive in the near future only to find what he's trying to kill is no better than himself. For criticism I am open, best way to learn to make movies, but please don't destroy it.
- sonnyboy9011


Posted on February 15, 2006
- Johnnyboy1132


Posted on February 14, 2006
- Starwarsdude123

Very Impressive Solid Work!!!

Posted on February 4, 2006
- Tbone1123

I loved this movie

Posted on February 4, 2006
- Deathstar17


Posted on January 9, 2006
- xsr1000

I think the following is a 5 year piece of crap
xsr1000-poor kid upset that his movies are horrible and that he will never find a girlfriend at his rate. Sorry your movie uisnt as good as King Kong you're just going to accept the fact that you're movie is dumb oh and the girl in the Taxi was always a girl and i make mention of that Jack will kill her if she doesn't help out ok. Your a horrible critic a horrible movie maker and a little kid who's a crybaby and hates the fact that there's someon better than him out there. Oh and is a good reason to rate a movie bad just because you dislike the person hmmm? I hate Tom Cruise, but War of the Worlds was a good movie. Let's see what else uh subtitles were fine what were they sucking on the the Main Role or something hmm i dunno. Story did make sense it was about a horrible fugitive who gives himself up after he finds that he is a horrible person. Only to find that the dream he is having is about killing his own boss. The reason of having the dream is yours to figure out for yourself just like alot of movies. How are the scenes used bad they make up a certain a that lead to the death of himself at the end. Sets were in good condition and I made sure there were no uncut scenes that made the movie unusual. Twists? there were twists all around this movie what about the end when he shot himself is that just a normal everyday thing or about the Joe and how he was pushed onto the tracks not very often where that happens dumass. And oh yeah did you know that many Taxi drivers carry guns in their glo0ve compartments wouldn't it make sense to have one especially with a job like a Taxi driver? Obviously she couldn't get to it fast enough. And lets see my MSN is uh.... I'm not telling you because your bull. My movie is fine you prolly only watched the beginning because the cab was at the beginning prolly to lazy to keep your eyes open you Mother. Nice job making a review at 2 or 3 in the morning Eastern Time that really tells me you have a life nice work. :P Maybe i should call the police because obviously your stalking me maybe even a restraining order of some kind maybe say 200 miled crap thats impossible seeing how you orbit the globe you fat ass. =D

Posted on January 4, 2006