Santa Does The Nasty!
Studio: biggstrek
Review Count: 3
Average Rating: 4.33 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 3 minutes 57 seconds
Posted on: December 26, 2005
Film Description
My little Santa poem. A tale of Saint Nick... looking for his 'special' present.

(I apologize for the volume... you'll have to turn it UP.)

- Dansun81

Excellent work! I liked the VO and the "I came to ROB"-line was really, really funny. The storytelling, the VO's and the editing was great!

The only thing that got me a bit distracted was that the bunny sounded exactly like all the old ladies that the Monty Pythons used to do. Terry Jones's old ladies in perticular. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, because I like The Pythons, but it made my mind wander off for a bit.

Posted on December 26, 2005

What a strange, strange man you are. But.. I found it funny too.

Posted on December 26, 2005
- Vaportrailpcola

Oh yea, santa doing a bunny, it don`t get any better.That was some funny stuff.

Posted on December 26, 2005