The Golden Eagle
Studio: morrdin03
Review Count: 2
Average Rating: 2.0 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 1 minutes 58 seconds
Posted on: December 24, 2005
Film Description
A first attempt at writting my own screenplay, casting, shooting, post-production, and online export. Please feel free to critique and offer any suggestions you might have. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
- Dansun81

The story isn't that original (i.e. it is a revenge story ("you killed my friend, therefor I must kill you")), but that doesn't meen that it can't work. Although it has to be a bit longer than 2 minutes in that case.

For a first attempt it is not bad at all. Just don't be afraid to do longer movies.

Posted on December 26, 2005
- Rabbinadaniel

Ok.First of all the weapon that the British is using is to modern ,
second :the Russians and British fought on the same side against the Axe (Italy-Germany).
Now to the concept of your movie:
The storie whould be good if there werent those anachronisms as the weapon ,but the movie should be longer .
But us it is your first movie I dont want to discourage you and I wish you a lot of fun with the Game .

Posted on December 24, 2005