Have yourself a twisted lil christmas!!!
Studio: Natalias
Review Count: 20
Average Rating: 4.75 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 5 minutes 51 seconds
Posted on: December 21, 2005
Film Description
-=Online film export quality=-
This better be the normal format used in export or im just sellin myself short pls tell me if you upload using high.
Fun movie made in normal game mode ,wish i didnt release in game because i had extra scenes i wanted id DOH!!Im still learning thou and i messed up the last few subs,But any way enjoy my christmas special Ho Ho HaHaHaHa!!!!!!
mADE With the help of kerien my friend with some voice overs thanks kez.
- osmith1

This movie was great, the thought of santa going around on a massive killing spree brilliant! Some of the vo couldn't be heard becoz the sfx were a bit too loud, but the vo of the poem was enougth anyway.

Posted on July 25, 2006
- Yngvelli

Alltough this isnt really my kind of horrorfilms (alltough I love the subtle comedy in it). The VO is totally amazing. one thing thoiugh, in some scenes the sound effects are higher than the actual VOs. Thats a little frustrating alltough it doesnt really hurt the entire movie experience (plus your VO was so goodf that it doesnt really matter).
I also loved how the whole story telling felt like some kinda edgar Allen poe story directed by Tim Burton. it had a really good mood.
It will probably be a big cintender in the contest.

(Could you possibly rate my latest movies? Im trying to get analystic comments,m since its so tiresome getting reationfs withouytr any kind of comments at all)

Posted on December 26, 2005

"I was so scared my brains exploded and my eyes popped out"
one of santas elves
"hey I just had one drink that night!"

Chickenhead studios gives you 5 blood curdling stars

Posted on December 26, 2005
- talia-dragon

Really like the night before christmas poetry theme, and the girl reading. Found the clip enjoyable, highly house of 1000 corpses reminiscent, not sure i liked the fight scene but that's just personal taste. Overall however it seemed good.

Posted on December 25, 2005
- Surumon_White

The whole rhyme scheme and evil Santa is always good. And might I point out, Santa = Satan, just reword the last three letters. Enjoy everybody, Merry Christmas.

Posted on December 25, 2005
- Daninsky

Great VO, made it sound like it was a lost track to Nick Cave's 'Murder Ballads'. Even the overused 'Oh, he isn't...' scene near the end, fit nicely.

Posted on December 23, 2005
- Greybill

Funny, but actually kinda scary. Great VO. Nice touch having the "romance" captions. Thanks for rating Willem Dafoe Won't Die.

Posted on December 23, 2005
- VariablePenguin

I like it.
I love the voices in his head! How did you get the sound to sync so well?
Watch mine please!

Posted on December 22, 2005
- tuck179

It was good. Santa is evil. thje end was really good. thaniks for tbhe tuna yujum.

Posted on December 22, 2005
- The_Freaken_Pope

very nice man. an awesome movie and very good story. i love the ending though. very well done.

Posted on December 22, 2005
- elcubancangri

Great movie man, really original and the voiceovers were perfect, realy good, keep it up.

Posted on December 22, 2005
- tasmania11

ncely done movie.happy twisted christmas!

did you watch my unreal christmas wishes take 2?

Posted on December 22, 2005
- MateriaMaster

Wow, nicely done, I hope to have my next movie have VO. I liked it!

Posted on December 22, 2005
- SS_Buckweed

Good movie great ending you should put some more scenes at the begining to make a better story line

Posted on December 21, 2005
- Voidox

Make better subtitles,I know maybe you are a newbie !
Keep up! ;)

Posted on December 21, 2005
- DrMovie

I peed my pants! I'm so embarrassed. Oh well, at least I am getting a new pair for christmas.... I hope.

Posted on December 21, 2005
- paintball31390

wow that was a really great movie o liked when they showed all the clips going fast like when it was focused on the axe in the stump and nice story well actually evil story hahaha

Posted on December 21, 2005
- casurferster

No comment

Posted on December 21, 2005
- cailan

Now that was a work of genius :D

Posted on December 21, 2005
- FalconKnight

GREAT..i love the sound effects in the fight... why dont you join the christmass competation. Love it keep up the good work

Posted on December 21, 2005