Dont Watch This Movie!!!!! Kong Returns
Studio: jztemple
Review Count: 2
Average Rating: 1.0 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 2 minutes 15 seconds
Posted on: December 16, 2005
Film Description
Don't watch!!!! It's not good. It sucks. If you post a review you are just enabling me by giving me VCs for a bad movie. Unless you want to give me five stars, that would be alright.
- ClavinHobbes

Quit doing this and make some actual movies!!! You will get more VC if you do make a nice simple movie and get people to rate it. don't just cheat you'r way through this to just get some extra VC

Posted on December 16, 2005
- JackGravestone

What the hell is this?

Posted on December 16, 2005