The Urban Suburbans
Studio: creambunny
Review Count: 4
Average Rating: 3.25 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 3 minutes 10 seconds
Posted on: December 8, 2005
Film Description
I made this movie with a friend of mine. It was great fun. I also just wanted to say in response to a comment we received about a scene in the movie descriminating towards blacks, we are not racist it just so happened that the actor we chose was black. We actually really like that actor(Ash Tray) he is one of our fav's and appears in numerous films with "cool roles".
- Mildheadwound

This flick was great! I really liked the surprise ending, which to me symbolizes racial reconciliation and unity. The # guy is obviously an anal retentive. -1 star because Emilio Estevez was a nobody when this film was supposed to take place. He musta' been like 3 years old or something!

Posted on January 14, 2006
- Angelo_Santino

After watching your Santa movie and then this, I'm going to bookmark your studio. This is good stuff. I loved the black guy banging on the door in the background - good tie in to the past scene.

You made me laugh, but also scared me a little, at the "Oh yeah" part. I had a bad experience where I saw someone's film, and all it was was random scenes with the same character and the same voice clip of "Awe hell no" used over and over and over...

Posted on December 27, 2005
- 121068

Putting aside the racial aspect of this film, the technique was so-so, the music very good, and the lip-synch okay. But the sequence in the school bullying a black guy is questionable. Some may take great offence at such a portrayal even if its only meant in jest. For this - and with a hope that you learn from it - i`m marking your film low. But do not dispair, because technically your competent at this medium, just check your material first...

Posted on December 8, 2005
- dumbmoronicproductions

it made me crack a smille here n there..i dont know why i didnt like this movie lol

Posted on December 8, 2005