Proffessor Killmore
Studio: Timblesink
Review Count: 5
Average Rating: 2.4 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 2 minutes 9 seconds
Posted on: November 23, 2005
Film Description
This movie is... slightly rubbish compared to the other two Killmore movies in the series. But watch it anyway! It is... slightly important to Killmore 2 & 3! It's all about shooting.

And also, he IS a "proffessor", because it's a different "proffession"! Ha ha ha.
- great53

I think it was pretty funny. Try adding a bit more comedy (for example, random UFOs in the background that have nothing to do with the plot what so ever. Could you rate George DX, my movie?

Posted on April 1, 2006
- JohnOkinawa

That was nothing more than just shooting scenes with a guy who mispelled "Profesor." I didn't like the "Proffesor" too much because he was an evil man. An evil man who jumped from different sets to sets. Your movie sequence wasn't smooth. At one point he's holding a pistol, then a rifle, then a shotgun, then he's at the sci-fi bridge. No story either just a bunch of shooting. I was hoping that you would go into the mind of this psychotic man and describe him in a way the movie "AMERICAN PSYCHO" did. That movie goes in a mind of a mad man and has an outstanding performance by Christian Bale. You could've used voice overs too, or at least subtitles.

Posted on November 24, 2005
- JazzX

No plot at all. No dialogue. No music by the end of the film. Could've been a good ending with the sheriff standing there ready for action, but as with every other character, the Professor (yeah, not "Proffessor") just shoots them. Totally mindless bloodbath - you clearly have a long career in Hollywood ahead of you ...

Posted on November 23, 2005
- TehJawknee

No comment

Posted on November 23, 2005
- SteveMyrtle

Hahaha proffessor killmore is right!

Posted on November 23, 2005