Lethal Women
Studio: WildmouseX
Review Count: 1
Average Rating: 4.0 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 13 minutes 16 seconds
Posted on: November 20, 2005
Film Description
She's a vetran, loose cannon cop who's informant's have a tendency to wind up dead. now she's partnered with a fresh out of the acadamy recuit with only 1 week until retirement. can they learn to work togther before Jackal destroy's the city with his Deathray?

a cop buddy film, inspired by great's such as Lethal Weapon, Tango & Cash, Bad Boy's, 48 Hour's, and many more.

my second film, still have alot of learning to do
- DecalMan


2:00: Rough editing at the beginning, reidiculous chase scene. The main character is revealed to be a terrible person in the discussion with the chief. Dialogue is lacking. My interest has begun to wane.

4:00: Introduction of partner is furthering the cliche. The dialogue is still pretty dry but the plot is moving much better and I am no longer tempted to stop watching.

6:00: Movie is becoming sillier. One moment where I actually laughed a little but the plot is becoming obvious.

6:30: Prediction: the chief is the main bad guy.

7:24: Increasingly interesting. I laughed again.

9:00: Chase scene was mildly entertaining. Could have been edited much better.

9:29: Is every cop in this department a girl? I mean I'm all for women in law enforcement but come on.

10:23: Another grammatical error. But the story is holding up. Congratulations. If you can keep my attention for this long thats like keeping a normal person's attention for sixteen days. I'm serious though, to keep someone watching this tiny screen for this long is a challenge. Good Job.

11:30: Elavator sequence a little hard to follow. Looks like my prediction is coming through.

11:36: He totally just punched that chick in the head for her necklace! SWEET!

11:40: Is there anything in his hand during this shot?

12:00: That is a small deathray, I know your options are limited but man that thing is tiny. But then again, if I do recall that Noisy Cricket from MIB.

12:30: I was actually a little worried, I thought our protagonist was dead. Nice ending to the fight scene.

13:02: Innapropriate reaction to "Its the chief." Could have been built up better.

13:09: OH! know I see why. HA!

Overall I am glad I watched your movie. For a second film that was excellent! I will stand by my statement though that this movie was predictable. But I really think that you put a lot of effort into this movie and it was absolutely worth it! Four Stars!

Posted on December 12, 2005