Its just us and of course the trees
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Average Rating: 3.0 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Posted on: November 16, 2005
Film Description
Okay, I admit it, my sense of humor got the best of me. This movie is an homage to Benny Hill, Robert Palmer, and of course, many of the early silent films.

Please don't underate the film if you don't get the joke.

Note: Due to errors with the conversion process, there's some timing issues with the subtitles. Unfortunately, they can't be fixed it seems.
- JackGravestone


Posted on December 2, 2005
- kickasfififilms

No comment

Posted on November 24, 2005
- Aluminumfoil

Those dancers need leasons. Liked it though :)

Posted on November 21, 2005
- gamermikelds

NIce.Funny at the end!

Posted on November 17, 2005