Halloween Returns
Studio: Idol2
Review Count: 1
Average Rating: 1.0 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 4 minutes 16 seconds
Posted on: November 15, 2005
- Yfopla

I never thought that you could do worst then the survivour movie you uploaded...

I was wrong

Everything went wrong here.

There is no storyline. No VO's, no sub-titles. People are calling each other on the phone, yet say nothing. WTF?

You used the EXACT same song, twice, in the same movie!!

Its 4 minutes long...yet 2 minutes of that was on a, poorly shot, sub-way. (On some scenes the subway is moving, and at other scenes, its not. There are silders for a reason. USE THEM)

This was so much worst then the other one, you made. And that was awful. This is even worse

Please, I dont mean to be rude or anything, but stop submitting movies until you know how to, at LEAST, write a storyline.

Posted on November 15, 2005