Love and War Part 1
Studio: Pompous
Review Count: 1
Average Rating: 3.0 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 5 minutes 49 seconds
Posted on: November 12, 2005
Film Description
Part one of Love and War. A drama about a man persumed KIA and the woman who loved him.
- Yfopla

great storyline, the music fit in well with the movie, but a couple of things took away from your movie:

- Too many flashbacks. You never stated what year it was, and when you kept saying "1 year ago" "2 weeks ago" "today", well thats great...but when does the movie take place?

- One of the soliders death was too comedic. Drama war based movies are supposed to be more...real. The soldiers death was too "funny" to be in a drama. Maybe the filter wouldnt allow you to change that, I dont know, but it took away from your movie

- How is this part 1? It had a conculsion.

and if this is part one, the problem is that you didnt leave any room for any hint on what part 2 is going to be like..its hard to explain really. There was no...Motavtion...for lack of a better word, to see part 2. No suspense. Check my latest movie, betrayal part one, to see what i mean about the ending. (And leave a review while your at, this is NOT a shameless attempt to get you to review my movie, but, while Im mentioning my movie :)

anyways, long review...geez. Overall it had a great storyline, but how is this movie parts? It had a good conculsion

Posted on November 12, 2005