The TMO Community Mix is complete!
Posted by kuroken on July 12 2008 16:14:06

Dr Z mix aired, for the first time, on August 3rd during the Roger and Ken Show.

This two-minute and thirty second mix involved nineteen people having some fun, being creative and sharing their talents.

The story woven into the tune revolves around Doctor Hisname Ispooh (pronounced Isp-ooh), an East-Indian subordinate to Chancellor Jeffery Zombinie (pronounced Zom-bow-nay).

Ispooh, wonderfully played by Sparky1512, shows his frustration with all the attention Dr Z seems to get from patients that can't quite get Dr Z's name right or Ispooh's and the ladies that swoon just thinking of Dr Z.

Two and a half minutes of fun over an up-beat tune that will have you guessing - who's voice was that?

The cast members, in alphabetical order:

Dulci - Ellis - Elbowlow - Ethanrunt - FrostyFrost09 - Goofparade - Ken - TheMGMkid1 - Maiden China - Mike DeBoing - Pookashells - Raceman - Roger - SgPorsche - Sisch - SnakeEater42 - Sparky1512 - TPK - and - the original tune "Endless handbag" was created by LHM and obtained from

Very special thanks goes to Ken for his airing the piece and graciousness in hosting the promo's and links that made it easy for people to send their files. And, Sparky, for his creative support and his charmingly spoofed  Ispooh.

You can request your personal copy of Dr Z's Mixer after the official airing and download a printable CD label here:

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