Roger Thong Competition 2008
Posted by kuroken on April 20 2008 01:20:50
April means....

The Annual Roger Thong Movie Competition!

More details and other fun stuff will be coming in the official contest thread on the TMO forums, but the rules are simple:

The contest runs to the 11th of May, when we will select a winner and award him or her a special, one-of-a-kind commemorative Roger Thong (picture coming soon) or another prize of his or her choosing. Second and third place will get other stuff.

On the right, you see a menu item called Roger Thong competition 2008 - this directory contains male and female versions of the Roger Thong, as well as starmakers of Roger and myself for those who wish to humiliate us in your movies. This is not mandatory. You need neither Roger or myself in your movie to submit and win.

More info in the next few days and in the official contest thread.