The Roger Thong Competition 2007
Posted by kuroken on April 16 2007 21:18:31
Look to the menu on the right...feast your eyes on the item titled Roger Thong Competition 2007.

A year ago, TMOA ran a little moviemaking contest, based around movies featuring the legendary Roger Thong. It being a year later, it's time for another go around....

Go to the official contest thread on the Lionhead Forums, and check out the discussion, the rules (such as they are), and to get your questions answered.

If you hit the Roger Thong Competition 2007 link on the right, you'll find Starmaker's of Roger and myself, the thong costumes if you need them, pictures of the actual thong you can have delivered to your home if you're a winner, and a couple of offline movies that were entered in last year's competition, including Betral's winning movie.

The contest ends on May 12th - you've got a month to churn out a thongalicious what are you waiting for?