The Mrs. Miller Contest
Posted by kuroken on February 13 2007 16:17:39
In 1997, an American musical icon was taken from us at the age of 90.
Though Mrs. Elva Miller now sings in the heavenly choir, her songs live on in cultural wastelands such as the airwaves of The Movies On-Air, along with the musical stylings of Leonard Nimoy and Mae West.  There, listeners can sing along with "Downtown", "Yellow Submarine", "Up, Up and Away" and the immortal "Strangers in the Night".
But now, thanks to Lizard3209, a devotee of all things Miller, you'll have your chance to interview the late Mrs. Miller, through the magic of an open-ended interview.  And in the process, you'll receive both the acclaim on fellow listeners, and possibly win some TMOA swag.

Extended News
How, you ask?
Go to the TMOA website, and select the Mrs. Miller Contest link on the menu on the right.
Download the zip file containing the open-ended interview with Mrs. Miller.
Listen to it, deciding what question Mrs. Miller might be answering.
Load it into the sound-editing program of your choice.
Record your questions, and insert them between her answers, creating a fun interview with Mrs. M!
Save the whole thing, in any format you like (.ogg or .mp3 are best for size) and either upload it to TMOA or mail it to (hey, the address is still there from Christmas, might as well use it) - or you can just email it directly to me (link in my profile)
There's only one rule:  Keep it clean - profanity or really nasty questions will disqualify your entry.
The contest will begin immediately.  Depending on how many entries we get, we may close it immediately prior to midnight Saturday, February 17th, so we can play the entries on the Anniversary Show.  If you need a little more time, we may continue the contest to the following Sunday.  Like everything else, it's up, up in the air, in Mrs. Miller's beautiful balloon....
The contest is open to all community members, whether you listen to TMOA or not.  Entries will be judged on entertainment value.  We're hoping to get that Mr. Miller-phile, Lizard3209, to be the judge of the contest.  If he can't, then it's Roger and myself.
The winner will receive, at the very least, his or her choice of TMOA merchandise - a fetching Brown Bag Beer t-shirt, perhaps, or an I'm Not Roger wall clock.  Your choice.  There may be second or third place winners, who might receive a lovely gift as well.  Roger and I are softies about that kind of thing because, hey, we love you all.
So get downloading, get recording those tough, yet tasteful questions, and let's bring Mrs. Miller back to life for one more Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo....