TMOA Official Chat Poll
Posted by kuroken on December 11 2006 22:17:50
Because some people have had trouble using the Flashchat that we've been running over at the XTM, we've decided to explore some other options.

One of the better one we've come across is X7 Chat - it doesn't use Flash, so it wouldn't add another process to overburdened machines, and it seems to be fairly full-featured, for both users and admins.

But it's you, the listener's chat (we're just the featured entertainment), you folks should decide which one you like better. So there's a poll at the lower right (visible only to registered people on the site) which gives you the choice of continuing to use Flashchat, switching to the X7 chat, or a neutral, all the same to me vote.

To check them out, either go here for the Flashchat (or whatever link you usually use if you're registered) or here for the X7 Chat. Unfortunately there's no way to transfer the registration info from Flashchat to X7, since the database user tables are encrypted, so you would have to register again for the X7 chat (easy enough - you don't even have to click a link in the email it sends) - or with X7 you can just type a username and login with no password to check it out (which is fine, unless next time somebody steals your username and pretends to be you).

We'll keep the poll open till the end of the week, then add up the votes, and decide which way we're gonna go.