TMOA Birthday Song, Week III
Posted by kuroken on September 18 2006 21:49:41
The votes for last week's contenders have been counted, and leading the pack was the Bollywood sounds of Manna Day followed by Tremblett's minimalistic take on the familiar song, and the always popular The Uncle Brothers.  All three will be in the finals next week....

This week's selections are up, and we've got some very delightful choices for you - will it be Cheryl Melody with the "Happy Pretend Birthday", the droning rhythms of Freedy Johnston, the yodeling Europop of Huang Hexiang, or perhaps one of the TMO homeboys, Nuggetdie or Mollyrulez9999?  It's up to you!

As always, the songs have been put here  to both refresh your memories and make your toes tap - we've also included a zip file of all of them, so you can grab them all and have happy birthdays for years to come....

So vote now, and get your favorite into the finals on next week's Ken and Roger Show.

(note:  We could only get 10 into the poll, so we removed the traditional sounds of Eddy Howard - but if you want to vote to Eddy, just PM me and I'll be glad to add him and his celestial choir to the total)