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TMOA Birthday Finals!
NewsThis is it....

The moment you've been waiting for....

The much-anticipated finals of the hunt for the new TMOA Birthday Song - after a grueling world-wide search, our choices span the globe, from China to the US to the Caribbean to India.....

This is the song you will be hearing weekly as we celebrate one community member's special birthday.  and it's up to you, the TMOA listener.

To refresh your memory, you can go here and download either the individual song snippets or a zip file containing all of them.

So vote carefully...it's your ears!
kuroken on September 26 2006 00:19:05 · 0 Comments · 4799 Reads · Print
TMOA Birthday Song, Week III
The votes for last week's contenders have been counted, and leading the pack was the Bollywood sounds of Manna Day followed by Tremblett's minimalistic take on the familiar song, and the always popular The Uncle Brothers.  All three will be in the finals next week....

This week's selections are up, and we've got some very delightful choices for you - will it be Cheryl Melody with the "Happy Pretend Birthday", the droning rhythms of Freedy Johnston, the yodeling Europop of Huang Hexiang, or perhaps one of the TMO homeboys, Nuggetdie or Mollyrulez9999?  It's up to you!

As always, the songs have been put here  to both refresh your memories and make your toes tap - we've also included a zip file of all of them, so you can grab them all and have happy birthdays for years to come....

So vote now, and get your favorite into the finals on next week's Ken and Roger Show.

(note:  We could only get 10 into the poll, so we removed the traditional sounds of Eddy Howard - but if you want to vote to Eddy, just PM me and I'll be glad to add him and his celestial choir to the total)
kuroken on September 18 2006 21:49:41
0 Comments · 4442 Reads · Print
TMOA Birthday Song, Week II
NewsThe voting on the first batch of prospective TMOA birthday songs is complete - edging out the competition in this first group is Weird Al Yankovic, with Bingo a close second and theMonk/New Kids on the Block tied for third. Since we want to keep it at 9 semi-finalists plus the original Stepford Child (for the tradionalists) in the final week, we're making an executive decision and breaking the Monk/New Kids tie in favor of theMonk. Sorry New Kid's fans, but he's family.

And now week two is upon us - and what a wonderful selection of songs it is. From the disco sounds of Juke Box CD Special to the toe-tapping Bollywood sounds of Manna Dey, from the minimalism of our own Tremblett to the creepy country corn of The Uncle Brothers, there's something for everyone.

As always, you can go here if you heard the show and need to refresh your memory before voting, or if you missed the show but want to be in on the fun. (or you can just work your way through the downloads to the Birthday Song Contenders and listen to both weeks) You have until Monday, September 18th to make your selection for this round.
kuroken on September 11 2006 11:31:46
0 Comments · 7260 Reads · Print
The Birthday Song Poll
MoviesA poll has been added to the front page (on the left, below the show calendar) to allow you, our beloved listeners, to chose the special birthday song that will be played for the special birthday boy or girl on the Roger and Ken Show.

If you listened to the September 3rd show, you've already heard samples of the first round of contenders - if you didn't, or want to refresh your memory before voting, we've put up a special download category here for the entries and you'll be able to hear 30-50 second excerpts of this week's choices.

If you didn't catch the show, you might want to check out the download, later today, and hear the commentary on the songs with in-studio guests Mortalitis_Infinitas and birthday girl SailorKnightWing as well as comments from the chatroom.

For the next two weeks, we'll be presenting contenders for your listening pleasure or displeasure, as the case may be - on week 4, we will put the three weekly winners up against each other for a Final Birthday Showdown.

Remember, your vote counts! We're just as happy to continue with the vile Stepford Child rendition, but the listeners must have their say. So sing out, and may the best version win!
kuroken on September 04 2006 14:36:19
4 Comments · 5542 Reads · Print
The Official TMOA chat relocates....
....to the new XTM - the direct link is on the menu on the left, or here .

Remember, the chat is up all the time, though you probably won't find much of anyone there unless we've got a live show running - then you'll find lots of fellow listeners.

And remember - play nice!

kuroken on August 26 2006 14:31:04
0 Comments · 4338 Reads · Print
TMOA Site recovers
After a sudden, debilitating illness that fortunately lasted less than 24 hours, we're back up and I believe just about all of our functions are...functional.

Downloads are working, and the file descriptions are back. File uploads seem to be working - I've done test uploads of .mp3 files up to 9 megs in size, so at least that works.

Most everything else looks okay - registrations are working, so the mail server is working, the shoutbox is working......suggestions and PMs seem to be working....

If anything breaks on you, please PM me here, or email me so I can track down the problem and fix it.


kuroken on August 09 2006 12:21:00
0 Comments · 5207 Reads · Print
NewsTHE MOVIES CYMRU IS NOW ONLINE! The Movies Cymru, or TMC abbreviated, is a fantastic new fansite dedicated to the promotion of TMO Members and movies! If you want to chat, promote your movies, have an article about you, vote on a HOT PICKS poll and loads more, then all you have to do is got to


and you can use all of the great facilities. The Movies Cymru is there for you and should not be missed out by anyone! So come on down and visit The Movies Cymru NOW!!!!!!!!!!
dafoso on July 31 2006 20:45:11
0 Comments · 4947 Reads · Print
The Movies Station Forums
NewsThe Movies Station Forums is now open!

Sbhedges has now released his new forum which includes:
-Tips and tutorials!

Don't miss your chance and visit this fantastic new forum created for your convenience!!! The actual site will come soon but as for now here is the  url!


Just copy and paste it into your address bar!
dafoso on July 29 2006 15:00:40
1 Comments · 6356 Reads · Print
When uploading files....
Downloads....make sure that they don't have an apostraphe (') in the file title - otherwise you'll get an error, as happened with Betral.
kuroken on July 29 2006 14:15:36
0 Comments · 3902 Reads · Print
Site is now live...
News...with the new domain taking you here to the doors of the virtual studio. A subdomain no more!

Most things are working - a few things are not - with luck, everything will be working within a day or two.

The Great Upload of archived shows continues....

kuroken on July 26 2006 12:17:19
1 Comments · 5607 Reads · Print
Graphicsas you can see the

new logo has been placed at the top of the site
cruleworld on July 25 2006 18:15:58
0 Comments · 4339 Reads · Print
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