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TMOA Sunday - 16th March 2008 - Alternatives to The Movies
On Sunday, 16th March, 2008, the Roger and Ken Show goes where no R&K Show has gone before - into the world of alternatives to our favorite moviemaking tool, The Movies!

Does this mean that TMOA is giving up on The Movies? Absolutely not. We are, after all, The Movies On-Air. However, there are a good number of serious moviemakers on TMO, and for many of them, the frustrations of using The Movies to make their films is growing. Some have already moved on to different pastures (I won't say greener pastures, because every piece of software has it's own quirks, it's own difficulties and frustrations, and what you end up with when you finish making your movie may not be what you want) - others will stick with The Movies till the final bell tolls. And we are not advocating that TMOers abandon the software that has produced the amazing films we've all seen. But there is other software out there, and we thought it would be interesting to talk about it on the show this Sunday.

We could, of course, have brought in PR flacks from the companies that make these other programs, but that didn't seem like a way of getting a balanced view. So we'll be bringing in two former community members who are working with other software to hear their take on their chosen software.

Capemedia - Many of you remember Cape from his Last Dragon series in the dawn of TMO, or his feature length, The Disciple , all done with The Movies. Or maybe you remember the last time Cape and his wife were on the air when we were having so much fun with the interview that we kept them for the whole show. Cape moved over to using iClone about a year or so ago, initially to use in combination with The Movies to make Disciples: The Dark War. As he's gotten more into iClone, I believe he plans to do the whole movie using iClone. He's also released a short film called The Sword Dance , which really shows what can be done with iClone in the hands of a talented director. Tomorrow, Cape's topic will be iClone, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Steelblade_1 - Steel's claim to fame on TMO has been his fine series Shadowchildren, none of which have been released directly on TMO due to problems he has with the terms of use. Around a year ago, Steel and his wife, the lovely Terakitty, moved to Moviestorm for their moviemaking. He's been working with the software for about a year now, since the beta, and he hopes to have a special Shadowchildren promo, done in Moviestorm, available for us by showtime so people can get a look at what can be done with the software. We've had him and Tera on the show before, they're fun guests, and we're looking forward to talking to them again. Tomorrow, Steel's topic will be Moviestorm, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We would have liked to have had somebody in to talk about Antics3d , the third major moviemaking package out there, but haven't seen any ex-TMOers in their community we could reel in. I've played with it a bit, watched some movies made with it, and hopefully can give at least a cursory overview of the software. They also have a free basic edition, and lots of free content available, so you should definitely give it a look and see what you can do with it (btw, if anyone in listener-land has experience with the software, they're welcome to come in and give us all the lowdown).

And of course, we'll have all the other stuff that you know and love (and if you don't love everything, please, keep it to yourself....we have fragile egos and do not react well to criticism....Roger might crack!) - a very special birthday, announcements, Rednecks Massacre Cinema, and much much more. (Note: For those waiting for the final results and coronation of the Ultimate TMOer, that has been delayed till next Sunday - rposhard has a dress rehersal tomorrow for Macbeth, and apparently they want to make sure King Duncan's off-stage death is picture perfect - so he'll be in next Sunday for the exciting conclusion of this years Ultimate TMOer)

The show begins at 2 pm Eastern, 6 pm in the UK, 7 pm in Europe, and the middle of the night in Australia (yeah, that pesky clock change thing hasn't reached foreign shores just yet). To listen, look to the right and select one of the 64K streams (broadband) or 32K streams (dial-up or like low quality sound) and like magic, Roger and I will be in your living room, bedroom, or the closet where you hide from mom and dad when you listen to the show.

You can also drop into the TMOA chatroom , ruled with an iron fist in a velvet glove by the multi-talented, yet humble JudyAnn88. Be good and Judy will be good to you. Be bad and Judy will smite you. 'nuff said.

Seeya tomorrow. It should be both interesting and informative.


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