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Part 1 - Ken's food-filled trip to Orlando, silenced by cruleworld...Goldingurl comes in with the winners and runners up of the XTM Spotlight Contest (grand prize winners Alfric for movies, HoldMyKidney for mods)...MixmasterFestus pops in to talk about the release of the "Oh It's On" remix...HoldMyKidney come and goes with lag problems....announcements and a bunch of birthdays, with the birthday song played for Richegroover.....Tommyguny comes in to talk about his "Diary of a Stuntman", as well as upcoming films "Casino" and his upcoming science fiction series, "The Sand Devils of Barbarossa"....commercials for "She's Just Killing Me", "The S.A.P. Chronicles", and "The Spy Who Saved the World", music by 6-Headed Monster and Flanagan's Fog.
Archive 18.52Mb 03.05.08 120  
Part 2 - HoldMyKidney fixes his problems and returns - we talk about his Spotlight Contest winning set prop, PMing people for reviews, paying for VO's with Virtual Credits, paying VC's for reviews, modding by request, and the conclusion of his Vampires of Armageddon trilogy...commercials for Future Stars Network, "The Vampires of Armageddon", and "Four Sisters"...music by Capemedia.
Archive 11.39Mb 03.05.08 132  
Part 3 - Butchered-Studio has some microphone problems during the break...he returns and we discuss his earlier movies, including "Bone Deep", the horror movie that made Roger physically ill (or, as he said, want to "yack")...we briefly discuss Gabriel_James's Razors Edge Radio (hoping that he will put some of the archives up for download)...we play switch the microphone with Butchered_Studio until he finally gets it right...we send out our thoughts and wishes to Doc_Z, laid low by a viral infection but now recovering...we talk about his upcoming epic (30 minutes long) "In London", featuring Roger, MixmasterFestus, MarkBond, msaeluk, SatansMunchkin, and Derobrash...he talks about some upcoming mods as well...commercials for "Leviticus", the Moviewood-E Voice Vault, "Jason Gunn: Operation Time Freeze"...music by PhantomRaul.
Archive 16.66Mb 03.05.08 131  
Part 4 - The Richegroover interview...TheBaloob arrives and plays with ABalloon...the interview with Richegroover begins...we talk with Rich about his older movies...Roger's older movies...downloading older movies...Roger leaves....we talk about Pirates and Ranger21's upcoming Wizards of the Compass...modding...Ranger21's amazing voice acting skills...the future films in the Pirates series...and much more....we end with a final culinary discussion about escargot...then close out with a final announcement about Meglomaniac's TMO Hockey Team (your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means), our usual around-the-table last thoughts and end with The White Stripes covering Dolly Parton...
Archive 22.34Mb 03.05.08 148  
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