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Part 1 - We begin the show with a quick recap of some of the music played in the pre-show set (Quarterflash's "Harden My Heart" plays in the background for reasons best left unspoken)...we discuss some of the new programming on TMOA....Stormwhitelab calls in with the winner of the TMO Apprentice Season One - Cricket50 - and discusses the upcoming season....he talks about his new Voice of the Community TMOA show coming up near the end of June....he shamelessly plugs his new movies...he discusses Elemental Entertainment, his new studio project....KirinRiotCrash does his news and announcements, including the advertising possibilities at 8-eyedbaby.com, the latest issues of The Local Kook and Moviewood-E, the passing of Patty82, and the release of the butchered_studios mods...we do the birthdays thing, with the special song for Tarison...Goldingurl comes in to talk about the XTM Spotlight Competition...we bring in Dulci to confront Roger about his age comments, and learn of her alter ego when she taking care of business on the street, little d....commercials for "Four Sisters" and "Buddy and the Zombie"...music by capemedia.
Archive 16.24Mb 03.05.08 131  
Part 2 - JudyAnn88 visits during the break, but leaves at the moment we go live...Alfric stops into the virtual studio...we discuss his home in the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland...after a UK travelogue, we finally get to the interview...we discuss his films, including the Holy Blood series...this leads to a discussion of vampire films, on TMO and in Hollywood, and Vlad the Impaler...we also discuss his entry in the 3-Scene Competition, "Hair Today, Tomorrow"....we discuss the missing FoDoog...Alfric discusses his future films, including "Operation Spotlight"...Betral pops in with a question...we discuss voice acting, and Alfric indicates a willingness to entertain VO offers...some questions from the chatroom are answered, including the possibility of a Holy Blood 3...commercials for the upcoming TMOA show "Mission Radio", the XTM Spotlight Competition, "Monday Nights Episode 5","Phaedrus", the Moviewood-E Voice Vault ....music by citizen forager and Flanagan's Fog.
Archive 17.54Mb 03.05.08 144  
Part 3 - The first part of the pre-recorded Kos78 interview....we discuss how Kos got into The Movies, and begin talking about his movies starting with the most recent Monday Nights episode, "Ninja Burgers"...we discuss his fine cast in "Ninja Burgers" and the return of the voice acting cast...he talks about switching from Monday Night episodes to more serious movies and back....we talk about his 96-Hour Guerilla Competition winner "These Three Words" and more recent 96-Hour Guerilla Competition entry "Nietzsche is Dead"...we discuss voice acting and how directors can get the best performance from their voice actors...and conclude this portion discussing the Australian filmmaking community....Greenglades pops in with the fine line-up of nominees for this cycle of Grass Is Always Greener Awards (GAGA)..we decide to postpone the rest of the Kos interview till next week, to fit in the pseudo-interview with Bolch.
Archive 18.08Mb 03.05.08 136  
Part 4 - KRC begins the segment shaking a coconut, to keep his string of strange noises alive for another show...we go into the pseudo-interview with Bolch, the fine Hungarian filmmaker who wrote out the answers to the questions we asked - Roger plays himself, and Ken does the part of Bolch, without his terrible fake Hungarian accent....we discuss how Bolch got into the movies, his Jane Adder character, and the stories she's starred in including "Eye of Cerberus" and "End of Memories"...Bolch also gives some hints for those interested in making action movies...we return with Betral and TheBaloob123, and some awful echo, apparently coming from Betral....we try to ignore it, but, it just isn't working....Betral goes off to try to get a headset or figure out something...while he's gone, TheBaloob continues on, talking about his movies and the combined studio he's got with Betral...Betral calls back, but the problem with echo remains....we promise to get Betral in to talk about his flicks when he solves his problem....we do talk about his movies, including "Impact" and his Roger Thong Competition winning "I'm Not Roger Past Present Future:...we close with Flanagan Fog's much-requested live version of "Hit Me, Britney, One More Time"....commercials for "Leviticus", "The Spy Who Saved the World", "Jason Gunn: Operation Time-Freeze", "Mission Radio", Superforce! Beyond Power!" and "S.A.P. Chronicles".
Archive 14.72Mb 03.05.08 159  
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