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Part 1 - We open with Roger scrambling to get his computer up and running, blaming the new TMOA Player Widgets for killing his computer...KRC does some shoutouts to the TMOA chatroom participants, we do an announcement about the XTM Spotlight Contest...Roger returns...KRC announces the MOMC winners for this week, talks about the Marvel Universe Voiceover Contest, and talks about the new Moviewood-E issue that's out...we do a brief tribute to the late Marcus Welfare, Lionhead contractor...Maniacc0 comes in and is serenaded for his birthday in TMOA style...we talk about Maniac's movies and future projects from Golden Age Studios (GAS)...commercials for "Monday Nights Episode 5" and "Jason Gunn: Operation Timefreeze", music by Citizen Forager.
Archive 14.9Mb 03.05.08 127  
Part 2 - We return and discuss the disturbing Roger hockey mask created by MelGhoul...Roger discusses the success he's had with his diet...we discuss the upcoming TMOA shows featuring Maniac and Meglomovies on Wednesdays, and Tigeryeyes, Maniac, and Meglomovies on Saturdays...Maniac announces Ozman69 and Lizard3209 as being among their first guests for the Saturday show...Roger suggests Maniac do some interview practice, so he asks Roger about his upcoming movies...Ranger21 announces in the TMOA chat room that JudyAnn88 has joined the Skinshack team, and we discuss the possibility of an all-girl show...Maniac discusses the just finished TMO Golf Tournement...commercials for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Leviticus"...music by Mystic_Sleet.
Archive 10.92Mb 03.05.08 138  
Part 3 - We return with Maniac....Greenglades calls in to ask about the upcoming shows...we discuss the Canadian lifestyle with Maniac...Meglomovies calls in ask Maniac about the recent departure of Tigereyes from Golden Age Studios...EthanRunt comes in to talk about his upcoming movies...he also gets Ken to audition as an announcer for one of his upcoming movies...Ken, Roger, and KRC try to do their Three Stooges imitation...Ken demonstrates the hang-up button with Meglomovies...commercials for "Phaedrus" and "Shadowchildren Part 1"...music by capemedia.
Archive 14.68Mb 03.05.08 134  
Part 4 - Greenglades stops in to talk about the next round of the Grass Is Always Greener (GAGA) competition, including a new category called "Science and Technology"...we discuss how the upcoming Stunts & Effects expansion pack will affect the TMO charts, possible separate charts for S&E movies, and whether a non-Stunts & Effects movie will have much of a chance after the expansion pack is released...he also discusses his new "Empty Vessel" film....we discuss voice actor typecasting....MixmasterFestus comes in...he talks about a big upcoming project...he talks about his early films and the first two "Oh It's On" movies...commercials for "The XTM Spotlight Contest", "The Adventures of Carl Benson", "S.A.P. Chronicles", Superforce! Beyond Power", and the Moviewood Voice Vault....music by 6-Headed Monster and SherwinLiu.
Archive 13.3Mb 03.05.08 131  
Part 5 - MixmasterFestus returns to talk about his upcoming "Lawyers With Guns" movie and puts a call-out to the community for voiceovers for the movie...he shares some hints about the upcoming "Oh It's On 3" and shares concept art with the folks in the chat room....Ken and Festus discuss his upcoming voice work in Ken's new movie...Ken discusses his voice actor casting techniques...we close with Pulsallama's "The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body.
Archive 8.25Mb 03.05.08 125  
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