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Part 1 - The usual announcements and press releases begin our first show on our new stream host...Roger's Studio of the Week (ubernewbie)...we talk about TMO Golf...MichaelCristiano comes in and talks about his acting and his movies, both past and upcoming...a call-in from Maniacc0...commercials for FSN, the Moviewood-E Voice Vault, "Leviticus", and "The Link"....music by Maniacc0 and Flanagan's Fog.
Archive 15.55Mb 03.05.08 135  
Part 2 - We continue with MichaelCristiano and talk about the TMOer...call-in from Stormwhitelab, which leads to a discussion of the various TMO-oriented publications available...AnotherNewDawn stops in to talk with Michael before he leaves and AnotherNewDawn's interview begins...Maniacc0 announces the teams for the TMO Golf tournament and we announce the upcoming bi-weekly Tiger and Meglomaniac show to be hosted by Tigereyes, Meglomovies, and Maniacc0 on Saturday afternoons..commercials for "Vampires of Armageddon", "Phaedrus", the XTM Spotlight Contest, and "Justice Grease"...music by capemedia and SherwinLiu.
Archive 13.87Mb 03.05.08 138  
Part 3 - The interview with AnotherNewDawn begins - we discuss his background, PM requests for reviews, reviews in general, movies that make you think and feel, the ability to make a serious movie on TMO...and we get around to actually talking about his movies as well...Greenglades calls in....commercials for "S.A.P. Chronicles", "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", and "Superforce! Beyond Power!"...music by Flanagan's Fog and marvellousguppi.
Archive 15.2Mb 03.05.08 137  
Part 4 - Stormwhitelab stops in to talk about TMO Apprentice, and the upcoming "The Lot" reality show...Dylan and Dulci stop in to talk about their partnership, their individual movies, and their DoubleD movies...we fan the flames of scandal about their relationship....we discuss the burden of expectations after a studio puts out a highly rated movie...
Archive 12.49Mb 03.05.08 145  
Part 5 - This segment begins with Ken's announcement of imminent crash....followed by 5 minutes of Ken's attempt to save the show without kicking all the listeners....we continue talking with Dylan and Dulci about future projects from Double-D...Betral calls in, bringing Mr. Feedback, and re-ignites the flames of scandal...Rposhard calls in and has a time warp conversation with those in the studio until he shuts down his media player...we try to get Dulci to sing the FSN song live...we talk about our vain attempts to get rid of KRC...we discuss the Moviewood-E Voice Vault...everyone offers to be interviewed by Charlie the Chipmonk...we close out with the late, great Townes Van Zandt.
Archive 9.77Mb 03.05.08 136  
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