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Part 1 - We welcome Roger back to the show, after being missing last week due to the flu...we discuss the upcoming changes to the TMOA stream, including our divorce from Live365 and rebound remarriage to another streaming host that will make the show easier and more "fun" to listen to...we do the birthday song thing, and for some inexplicable reason KirinRiotCrash (KRC) and Roger begin singing along in the second verse...Roger makes some annoucements (fadedmemory90's upcoming 9/11 movie, baba2's upcoming improvements to The Movies Plus)...we discuss the recent changes to post counts due to the "Your Movies" forum no longer counting toward post counts...KRC talks about the opening of the new week of MOMC, and announces the winner of the Arawna11's Power Character Competition...Akinis calls in, attempting to fix his connection problems...Mortalitis_Infinitis calls in to report that posts in the "Your Studio and Stars" forum also no longer counts toward post count...we duscuss the fine-line between hyping and over-hyping TMO movies...having run on for nearly 50 minutes without guests, we go to commercials and music, and promise to return with an actual guest....commercials for "The Link", "The TMOA Emporium" by Betral, and "Leviticus"...music by SherwinLiu and Flanagan's Fog (FoDoog).
Audio 12.61Mb 03.05.08 122  
Part 2 - Ratonero stops in to talk about his science fictions series "Ultimatum to Earth", and "Imperium", as well as his work as a comic book writer...FoDoog stops in for a bit...Ratonero reveals that there are 7 women for each man in Spain, and everyone in the studio begins making travel plans...there's a discussion of vampire women in bikini's with big guns...we discuss non-English language films on TMO with English subtitles vs. non-English language studios trying to do their films in English...we learn how to say "I'm a Horse" in Spanish...we discuss favorite B-movies and B-movie directors....commercials for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", "The Adventures of Justice Grease", "Murphy City II", and "Ninja Burger"...music by Mortalitis_Infinitis, Maniac0, and Reafreak29.
Audio 14.78Mb 03.05.08 134  
Part 3 - Akinis makes another test call....StormWhiteLab stops in to discuss the latest firings of his TMO Apprentice competition, gives us some of the dirt from the competition, and recruits Ken and Roger to be the judges for the next phase....he also discusses the latest issue of Storm Weekly...Greenglades arrives to reveal the Grass Is Always Greener Award winners for this month and dispense movie trivia...Akinis calls in to accept his best romance award...Roger crashes during a break...Maniac0 stops in to silently listen for a bit...FoDoog makes an announcement about the schedule for the third movie in his Come On/Showdown in Foggytown trilogy...he also promises a "recorded live" piece of music for next weeks TMOA from Flanagan's Fog...SherwinLiu come in to talk about MOMC Week 4 and the stellar line-up of reviewers this time around...Roger reveals his alter-ego/alternate studio - commercials for "Phaedrus" and "The Adventures of Justice Grease" (for the second time)...music from SherwinLiu.
Audio 16.63Mb 03.05.08 129  
Part 4 - The interview with SherwinLiu continues...we discuss his movies, and how he and Kate Lee work together to create Chat Noir movies...we discuss his music, how he got into music, and how he composes the music for his studios films...Akinis calls in once again...we discuss the joint studio project, Decadent Pictures, that Chat Noir has formed with Lizard3209, and the upcoming film, "The Light in the Dust"...we have our Skype freezeup that dumps the listeners and loses our last SherwinLiu tune...we briefly discuss the LionHead toolbar made by Mortalitis_Infinitis...KRC makes a stunning announcement about his on-air and voice over technique...we discuss the XTM Spotlight Contest (official rules here)...and we end with Dexy's Midnight Runners from their superior first album...commercial for "S.A.P"...music by Flanagans Fog.
Audio 14.61Mb 03.05.08 132  
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