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Part 1 - The New TMOA Sunday opening - Roger does the birthdays for the week and talks about the Warrington Film Festival and his upcoming trip there - Derobrash and Mark (who we christen Muckaluck because we can't pronounce his screenname msaeluk) come in to talk about their coding and modding background, as well as some of the very exciting things coming down the road from the modding community at The Movies Workshop (including modifying animations and camera placement courtesy of Gleem) - commercials for "Dr. Yes", "Private Eye Harris", and Betral Studios, music from Digits911 and FoDoog (Flanagan's Fog).
Audio 16.03Mb 03.05.08 127  
Part 2 - The interview with Mark and Derobrash continues with more discussion on what you'll be able to do with Gleem's tools as well as the obligatory walk down memory lane talking about beloved computers of the past, the interview with Doc_Z and Taros begins (focusing primarily on Doc_Z since he had a pressing engagement) commercials for "Project Sadako Session 2", "Double Target Vengeance", "Murphy City Part II",and "Black Gold", call-ins from KirinRiotCrash and Nuggetdie, music from PhantomRaulStudios and Mystic_Sleet.
Audio 17.74Mb 03.05.08 136  
Part 3 - Our interview with Taros begins as he discusses his background in 3D modeling, modeling for The Movies!, how he does his modeling, acting, and answers questions from the chatroom - Roger and Ken discuss the upcoming release of TMOA t-shirts and other items with artwork from KirinRiotCrash and MarkBond, call-in from z007gg, commercials for "The Rock Star" and "The Vampires of Armageddon" music from capemedia
Audio 14.43Mb 03.05.08 127  
Part 4 - Roger announces the top three vote-getters from his TMOA guest poll (6-Headed Monster, MadMatt7g, and Millahnna), then surprises Ken by making kuroken his Studio of the Week, Ken rambles on about his movies until Maniacc0 calls in and deflects the attention to his recent movie "Dr. Yes", music from justin_in_bangor, and Lou Reed sings us out...
Audio 11.96Mb 03.05.08 126  
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