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Current Path: Folders: /TMOA Downloads/ TMOA Show Archives/ The Roger and Ken Show/ 005-19th March 2006
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Part 1 - The Mortalitis_Infinitis interview up to "TMO. I am your father", questions from the chatroom, music from Mortalitis_Infinitis, commercials for "The Trials of Explosivo Episode 1 VO Edition", and Betral's studio.
Audio 15.69Mb 03.05.08 130  
Part 2 - Mort continues to entertain and frighten us all with his wisdom and dark majesty, calls from Betral, z007gg, MelGhoul461, and justin_in_bangor, music from Capemedia, Fodoog w/Flannagan's Fog, and John Silke, commercials for "Project Sadako Session 2", "Tidgy Gets A Biscuit (VO)", "The Vampires of Armageddon", and "Scourge of Ze Schpace Nazis".
Audio 11.88Mb 03.05.08 140  
Part 3 - The KirinRiotCrash interview, the StevenKreg interview begins as he deletes the three King Kong movies, questions from the chatroom, calls from Stormwhitelab and and a silent Betral call, a promo for "Murphy City Part II", commercials for "Stirlings Heart Place", and "Coffin Full of Revenge Redux", Charlie the Chipmonk interviews Dylen.
Audio 13.74Mb 03.05.08 149  
Part 4 - Steven begins uploading "Night Pass" 1 & 2, and starts having problems...foreshadowing the horror to come as the show begins its swandive into the rathole. Roger does his weekly crash. KirinRiotCrash hangs around to help fill as Steven comes and goes, trying to get his uploads right. Steven uploads "Night Pass Part 2" to Roger's Skype voicemail. Things begin to spiral out of control. AnotherNewDawn calls in. Music from Beginnis and Marvellousguppi, commercials for Betral's studio and "Interview with a Porn Director". Steven comes back, and while he's answering a question about his future projects from KirinRiotCrash, Ken's computer begins to crash, leading to befuddlement, silence, and the abrupt end of the show...
Audio 14.21Mb 03.05.08 133  
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